Monday, June 29, 2015

Those AMAZING Coincidences

by Kate Collins

Looking back over the years, I've come to realize that a lot of wonderful events and turning points in my life have seemed to happen through a series of coincidences. Meeting my husband, for example. There were so many coincidences that had to line up just right in order for us to meet, that I'm still blown away when I think about them.

When I bring up this subject, people usually have their own tale to share, so I'm hoping you will, too. But here's my latest one, just a tiny example, but it made me smile nevertheless.

The backstory: As a child of four and five, I spent week days at my grandmother's house while my mom and dad worked. Her house was warm and cozy and I loved sleeping in her big high bed with the windup clock ticking nearby. But it was grandma's garden that I loved most. And specifically, her raspberry patch.

My grandmother had grown up on a farm and had a vast knowledge of how to grow things. She had all kinds of fruit trees and a grape arbor, and all manner of vegetables, but the best place of all was the raspberry patch. While she weeded other areas, I would crouch low in the raspberry bushes and stuff my mouth full of the juicy, sweet fruit.  Every so often, Grandma would rise to stretch her back and call, "Are you eating all my berries?"

"No, Grandma," I would call, even as red juice ran down my chin and dripped onto my jumper.

She'd shake her head ruefully and call, "Well, leave some for me so I can make jam."

To this day, that memory is one of my favorites, one of the sweetest I'll ever recall, and I tell it often. In fact, I told it less than a month ago. So imagine this surprise. As I was shopping at a local health food store, I noticed a table with goat milk soaps and lotions on it. (In another coincidence) I had just  read how goat's milk soap is so healthy it can even clear dermatological conditions that other products don't help. Intrigued, I decided to try one.

There were about eight different aromas to choose from, so I began sniffing each one until I found scent I liked. The print on the wrapper was tiny and I didn't have my reading glasses with me, so I couldn't tell what the scent was until I got home and took a closer look. The label is below.

It says, "Grandma's Raspberry Patch." I started laughing and I swear I could feel my grandmother with me right at that moment, laughing, too. How great is that?

Now it's your turn. Tell me about a coincidence that happened in your life.

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