Sunday, June 28, 2015

Summer is My Winter

by Leann

Most people love summer. They like warm days, being outside and of course, vacations. I am not one of those people--and I really never have been,

Back when I was a child, there are home movies of me on vacation in Canada sitting on the shore,
wrapped in a towel, my lips purple. I was freezing. I hated it. In the cottage we stayed in by the lake, everyone was outside most of the time and I was up in a top bunk reading a book. I was 25 years old when I moved to Texas and I thought it might be the answer. But South Texas does not have a moderate climate. It's either blazing hot
or less hot. That's it.

I would learn from an allergist that this wasn't me being fussy about climate. My body reacts to extremes in temperature and atmospheric pressure. I also suffer from a million allergies and insects love my blood. I have an Epi-pen on hand, it's that severe. So, Western NY and South Texas were not good places for me to live. Upstate South Carolina seems to be a better fit. Except for this past week. I
almost believed I'd been transported back in time to those Texas summers where one July it was over 100 degrees every single day. It's been hot and humid and just plain yucky here for the last 10 days. I become a hermit then. I don't want to even step outside. Good thing we have plenty of windows because I enjoy looking out on the lake. It's very soothing.

We've had rain last night and today, thank goodness. The last two summers here in the Upstate were great and it appears it will be more like that in the upcoming weeks. I still prefer winter and fall. I feel as if I am in the minority. How many of you enjoy the cooler times? Because I really really don't like summer!
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