Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Sherlock is Back!

by Maggie Sefton

For those of us who love Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's famous sleuth, Sherlock
Holmes, we are in luck.  The wonderful PBS Masterpiece series' production of "Sherlock Holmes" is back on television this summer.  There were six episodes in Season 4 which aired last year.  This version stars Benedict Cumberbatch, and some of us think his is one of the very best depictions of the fascinating Holmes character.

I tried to cut and paste one of the photos from the TV production of "Sherlock," but no go.  Probably copyright protection, and as an author, I have NO objections to that.  :)  

Last week was the first of the six episodes.  Check your TV schedules to see when your PBS station will be carrying the series.  We're very fortunate in my area of Colorado because we  actually have two Denver PBS stations which do not duplicate programming in 90% of their scheduling.  So, we have a GREAT selection available.

Check your TV schedules, and if you do not see it scheduled, call your local PBS television station and ask "Why not?"  :)   PBS stations are known for paying attention to their viewers and the local audience.  And, if you have never seen Cumberbatch's depiction of Holmes, you are definitely in for a treat.  :)  

And, I'll give you a teaser alert----one of the six episodes involves the fascinating female character Irene Adler.  If you've never seen these Benedict Cumberbatch episodes, then I'll simply say that you will see    one of the most sensuous (or, if you prefer sensual) depictions of Holmes and Adler's verbal interactions and dialogue I've ever seen on television OR on the stage.  And I've been fortunate enough to actually see Jeremy Brett in the London production of a Sherlock Holmes mystery adventure.  Up until Benedict Cumberbatch, Jeremy Brett's performance was my favorite.  Now, my vote is for Cumberbatch.   No contest.  :)    Watch and  Enjoy!    
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