Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Hot, Hotter, and YEOW!!

by Maggie Sefton

I don't know where all of you folks are located (Cozy Chicks readers and fans are scattered around the globe), but today in Northern Colorado, it was hotter than. . . you can fill in the blanks with your favorite expression to convey great heat and hot weather---Choose from any of the following or supply your own words:  1)  hotter than Hades;  2)  hotter than  a mouthful of jalepeno chili pepper;  3)  hotter  than a pistol; or 4)  hotter than "a chicken on a tin roof."  That last expression came from my maternal grandmother who was born in Virginia in 1890, so I imagine she was well-acquainted with tin.  As a historical writer, I know that early pots and pans were made of tin because it was a cheaper metal and easy to work with.  Pots and pans were usually sold by salesmen called "tinners" who wandered through cities and towns, crying out about their wares.  As to why someone would put a chicken on top of a tin roof, I haven't a clue.

Anyway------It was 93 today with brilliant sunshine and low humidity which is typical for Colorado and usually welcome, but I actually longed for a stray cloud or two.  It was hotter than hot.  And, of
course, today would be the day when the street repair crew started doing repairs along my street and another one.  Joining together those two streets form a perfect U-shape.  Messages left on our doors and doorknobs informed us all that the long street which meanders its way through our neighborhood was going to be patched with a new coat of asphalt.

That, of course, required our cooperation because no one---and I do mean NO ONE---could leave any vehicles parked on that street for the next 3 days.  They would be towed early in the mornings.  So We all have to park our cars in the streets surrounding our neighborhood and walk a couple of blocks (or more) to our homes.  However, walking a lot in today's super hot sunshine really got your attention.

So I spent a couple of hours today visiting my good friend, Kareen, who also lives in Fort Collins.  All these photos are of her backyard gardens.  Notice all the different types of flowers blooming their colorful little floral hearts out.  A gorgeous display of color.  Kareen and I sat and enjoyed a cool iced tea and enjoyed being outside in the garden as we caught up with each other before we both start traveling again.  In a week or so Kareen will be off to Austin, Texas where her younger son lives and I'll be flying back to Virginia once again.  I have daughters Maria and Christine there as well as grandchildren.  Kareen and I have known each other for years and years, having first met when her son Ashley and my daughter Maria were both in 5th grade at Tavelli Elementary in Fort Collins.  Daughter Maria and Ashley are both now 37 years old.  Wow.  Tempus really does fugit, doesn't it?

How are you escaping these hot summer days?  

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