Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Guilty Pleasures...

So, what exactly is a guilty pleasure? To me it’s something I shouldn’t be doing ‘cause I should be doing something productive but I do it anyway. 

I have a lot of guilty pleasures. I think it’s because I’m old and have found that doing the pleasure thing is a lot more fun than doing the work thing and since I live alone no one tells on me and I can get away with it.

Guilty pleasures change depending where we are in life. When I was young a guilty pleasure was talking on the phone for hours to my best friend. Back then we were just best friends since BFF and Besties hadn’t come into play yet. Another guilty pleasure was driving...just driving around. Now I think… do I really have to drive and why is there so much traffic

When in my twenties a guilty pleasure was partying and staying up till the wee hours. Now eleven is a wee hour and two hours at a party and I’m done and need to get out of this bra and swear never to wear pantyhose again.

Now a guilty pleasure is watching a movie for the millionth time, eating popcorn for dinner and chatting on FaceBook. I’ve watched Gilmore Girls so many times I know the script by heart, I’m starting to buy popcorn by the case and I know a lot of people badmouth FB but I really like it.

Another guilty please is taking a hot shower till all the hot is gone. I know it’s bad for the ecology but I love it anyway. In the cool weather I like to roll down the windows in the car and blast the heater. Sometimes I even toss my socks in the dryer just to heat them up so I can put on toasty socks.

One of the guilty pleasures that has stayed with me from childhood right on up to now is reading all night till I finish a really good book. When I was young I had to do the flashlight under the cover thing, now I can just curl up on the couch and pet the cats.

So, what about you? Is there a guilty pleasure in your life that you’re willing to confess? Something you do that maybe is not good for you? With all this fess-up time I hope to add a few new guilty pleasures to my list.
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