Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Ghosts…do you believe?

Duffy Brown here and I just got back from vacation. I  toured houses, villas and churches and heard endless tales of days gone by and how some occupants refused to leave. Yep, that’s right ghosts are everywhere in Italy…drinking fine wine and eating lots of good pasta no doubt. This interested me as I just happen to live in a haunted house here in the US.

I know I know, many of you don’t believe but I swear we have slamming cabinets, doors closing, books sliding, things moved and voices when no one’s there. It’s been so bad a few times I went to the top of the stairs and yelled, “Who’s there?” My daughter’s room is really creepy with lights and cool spots.  I’m letting a writer friend sleep there on Saturday. Since she writes vampires this shouldn’t bother her one bit. 
And my cats stare at nothing in this one corner of the house. Their fur stands straight up, they hiss and they get the bushy tail thing. What is that all about? I thought it was just my cats going nuts but then my son’s dog does the same thing. 

My daughter went to art school in Savannah, the most haunted city in the USA, and stayed in a really old apartment building. One day she could not find her drafting pencil, looked everywhere and finally found it in the bottom of an old art box she hadn’t opened for months. From then on her pencil always went missing and she always found it in that very place. She hand an artsy-fartsy ghost.

Ask anyone who lives in Savannah and they have a ghost story to share. When we stay at this B&B the ghosts love to play with our cell phone and alarm clock.  I had the owners of the Pirate House take me on a tour of his restaurant…the oldest building in Savannah. RL Stevenson wrote Treasure Island there. The inn where the map was found was taken off the Pirate House. The help had some great ghost stories to tell. One involved blueberry pie flying across the room.  

Mackinac Island is haunted like crazy too…or so the tour guide say. The courthouse is still frequented by long ago fur traders brought to trial for stealing pelt, getting drunk as a skunk and causing havoc in the local watering holes.

Has anyone ever messed with a ouija board or been to a séance? Maybe a psychic? When I was first married we went to this restaurant and the waitress dabbled in palm reading. Said I’d have 4 kids  and be a write…the only thing I was writing at the time was checks. Very strange how she knew.

Soooo, does anyone have ghosts in their house? Stories to share?

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