Sunday, June 21, 2015

For the Dads and the Moms Who Had to be Dad, Too!

by Leann

Just a short post to say how great it is that dads are taking more of a role in today's society as caregivers. Back when I was growing up, "Father's Day" seemed to be more of a celebration for my grandfather than for my dad. Of course my father was usually on the golf course the entire day and we didn't get to bring him breakfast or cards or presents.In fact, we might not have even seen him!

My son is such a "hands on" dad and is so amazing with his three little girls. I am very proud that my husband was a good role model and maybe I had a chance to "influence" him on how to treat his family. Those girls adore their daddy! I love it. We celebrate Father's Day here even without family close. He deserves to be honored!

With the increase in divorce a lot of moms play both roles--although that's not to say divorced fathers aren't present for their kids. Many of them are and it is so important. So applause to all you dads out there--and the grandfathers, too. This is your day to be appreciated for all you do!
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