Thursday, June 4, 2015

Cheap and cheerful fun with flowers.

Today, it's MJ here.  And first of all hats off to fellow chicks Lorraine and Maggie who have new books out this week!  Knock 'em dead, ladies. 

I love flowers and cutting them from the garden (such as it is, a work in progress) is a joy.  But sometimes there’s nothing to cut and if you’re, say for instance, hosting your BOOK CLUB, you would really need to get creative.  Eeep.  The lilacs were done. I couldn’t bear to cut the iris and no way would I plunder the planters.  There were still a few of those stubborn dandelions, but you’ve got to draw the line somewhere.

Then I remembered  that with one fairly ordinary bouquet from the grocery store and a few vases I could solve my problem.  

By the way, one of my friends used to say if a container for flowers cost more than two dollars, it’s a vawse not a vayse.. Not all of mine are vawses!  

So my problem was about to be solved. And yes, in case you're wondering, I am aware that a house without flowers is not the biggest problem a person could have.  Never mind.

A quick trip to the store yielded a bourquet of flowers ON SALE and in decent shape, with six different types of blooms. 

 My husband decided that he would buy them for me  Kinda sweet. 


By deconstructing the bouquet, I was able to get six different small and very simple arrangements for practically every room in the house, including these vivid carnations in the powder room.


Because they’re cheap and cheerful, these flowers will last for ages. 

Anyway, I thought I’d share this little tip with you, because I know many of you share my love of flowers and of bargains!

 Now all you have to do, is share your flower tips with me.  I’m listening!

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