Sunday, June 7, 2015

Cats and Quirks

by Leann

Every cat has a unique personality but the two I have right now, Wexford (named after Ruth Rendell's detective) and Lynley (named after Elizabeth George's detective) probably take the cake.

Wexford came to me as a shy boy, about 3 months old and nothing has changed. He's your typical scaredy cat, I guess, but I've never been owned by a scaredy cat before. All the ones in my past--and there have been many--were very confident and outgoing. This guy has learned to open cupboards and drawers so he can hide. He's quite good at opening one dresser drawer and climbing over the side into the drawer next to it.

The day we moved into this house we'd left him at the rental house with a few stray items in a closed room. But when I went to get him to bring him to our forever home, I couldn't find him. We searched everywhere and I was crying the entire time. Only a few items had been left in that room and after a long time hunting, I found him crammed into the tiniest box. He was, in fact, stuck in that box because his 15 pound body was never meant for such a small box. I was so happy and the tears turned to ones of joy.

Then there's the 6 month old Lynley. He is, as all kittens are, adorable. He loves to play goalie in a game of roll the treat toward him. He can also jump on top of a flat screen TV and balance there.
(Yes, it drives us nuts!) No deterrent has worked and trust me, we have tried everything we can think of. But his most adorable quirk is his little leopard on a stick. It's mangled from play. He loves it. Every single night, I go to bed and about thirty minutes later--I guess after he's decided I'm staying that bed--I hear him dragging that toy down the hall. He gracefully jumps over me holding it and lays it lovingly next to me. And then he leaves. Yup. It's like he's tucking me in with his most prized possession. It stays there all night. He doesn't play with it. After I get up in the morning, he drags that toy back into the living room to start his day. It's weird but it's adorable.

What about you, pet lovers. Do your cats or dogs or whatever pets you have do fun stuff like this? (Okay, jumping on the flat screen TV is NOT fun. It's scary.)
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