Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Back On Schedule

by Maggie Sefton

I like schedules usually.  They help me keep on track with whatever project I'm involved in.  Usually that's writing different novels.  It's good if you've got an organized side to your personality.  Starting and completing an entire novel takes a fair amount of organization.  You're plotting out the novel, then writing the chapter or story outline to send to your editor, and then writing the darn novel.

That's been the way it's worked with me for 30+ years.  Yep, thirty-some years of writing fiction, folks.    Everything from big historical novels and family sagas to mysteries and suspense.  Usually I can start a project and work on it consistently until completed, then do the editing and revisions necessary before sending it off to an editor.  That's usually.  But this spring, due to the my mother's final days and passing, I've had to delay my normal June delivery of the next Kelly Flynn novel.  I've been lucky, I guess.  I haven't had a family emergency or illness or broken appendages since the Kelly Flynn Knitting mysteries first were published in June 2005 with KNIT ONE, KILL TWO.

I consider myself fortunate, indeed.  Many writers have had to have extensions to their fiction deadlines due to all sorts of life events.  Right now, I'm back in my old home town area of Northern Virginia, staying with my

youngest daughter Maria and promoting #13 in the Kelly Flynn mysteries---PURL UP AND DIE which came out June 2nd.

Daughter Maria's new condo apartment which was built in my old neighborhood.  The old out-dated little shopping center has been completely replaced by beautiful new apartments and shops.  

This Wednesday evening I fly back to Colorado and pick up Kelly Flynn #14 where I left off in mid-May.  It feels strange to be interrupted in the middle of the story like that.  But I'm depending on Kelly and the Gang to pull me back into their world.  I'm pretty confident they're up to the task.  They are a strong-willed and opinionated bunch of characters.  That's for sure.  :)  
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