Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Easy Way--Finally

by Leann

Our new (and last) house is the fourth one we've owned. We did rent a couple or four, but in the ones we have owned, one of my least favorite things to do is window treatments. First of all, they are expensive. I can't remember a time when I didn't think, "Why does this cost so much?" as I hunted for the right covering for a particular window.

House number one was when we first moved to Texas. It was the first time I made drapes because we were relatively poor. Or maybe I didn't sew them. I remember what they looked like--very orange--but maybe I had someone make them. My sister, perhaps? Because sewing machines and I were mortal enemies at that point in my life. Yes, I was a home economics C student. I hated that class. We made aprons as our project and I did a horrible job.

Then came the second house. We moved to this one when our kids first started school. I did the least amount of work in that house--just accepted what the previous owners had done. I was into painting rooms back then. I did a lot of painting and wallpapering in those days. It was also my "country phase" with lots of blue everything. Why? I don't know.  I'm not really a fan of blue.

When we moved into a different and brand new house in Texas, all the windows had to be covered--and I did it all. I made drapes--the sewing machine and I resolved our differences--and I hung blinds, too. I was Wonder Woman. My husband and I even joined forces to make a fancy valance out of
fabric I bought. It really was pretty nice but the
arguments? Oh, like every project we do together, there is the butting of the heads. But it turned out well.

Now I am in a new home again and this time, I decided I was done with the do-it-yourself business. And I was done with CORDS. There is no window treatment I have ever had that did not end up with failed cords. Be it a cat attack or a Leann attack, they all get tangled or frayed or eaten or knotted. So, this week I had old-fashioned roller shades installed. I didn't measure, I didn't install, I left it all to the professionals. It was so nice to "let it go." They are very simple and I can get small valances installed later if I want, but here's the finished product.

The fabric.

The windows from inside:

The windows from outside.

I am quite satisfied and it was so painless and quick! As for the landscaping? Don't even ask. (You can see it is NOT DONE.)
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