Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Sunrise, Sunset

by Maggie Sefton

I'm here with my 95-year old Mom, Benny, as she slowly, slowly leaves us.  She started sleeping more yesterday afternoon, slept peacefully last night, and is still sleeping peacefully today.  The nurses have the little plastic breathing tubes that go in her nose and supplies a small amount of oxygen.  The low dose pain-killer meds insure she's in no pain.

Doctor daughter Serena came on Thursday and was here till Saturday noon. Mom was still talking then. Oldest daughter Christine arrived yesterday with my 24 yr old grandson Joseph and nearly 8 year old granddaughter AnaSofia. They'll be here till tomorrow Tuesday afternoon. Daughter Melissa arrives tomorrow afternoon till Friday. Thursday, daughter Maria arrives until Saturday night.  As I said last Tuesday, we should all be as fortunate as my mother, who chose to leave on her own terms at the time of her choosing.  She had none of the Big Three Killer diseases to hurry her along.  She simply chose to stop eating.  We were able to tempt her to have a bite of PBJ every 2 or 3 days, but she stopped doing that yesterday.  Now, she's mostly sleeping peacefully.  God Bless.   

Daughter Christine and I stayed over here in her room last night and will again tonight.  Two of the nurses aides (guys) carried in a recliner chair for me last night, bless their hearts.  That helped.  Christine split her time on another chair and on the floor.     

I've read over the years that those who are dying may not say anything in those last days but they can still hear and understand what is said to them.  Consciousness is still there and still paying attention.  :)  One of the nurses gave me a little booklet, "Gone From My Sight:  The Dying Experience." From what I've heard over the years, the "sleeping more" is definitely one of the phases in the Final Stage.  And, I  will remember to open the window a little as the time draws nearer.  For those of us who do believe the "Energy" that we really are----call it spirit or soul or whatever----is Eternal and lives on.  But, then---I'm one of those who's always been interested in all things Spiritual.  Peace to all of you.----Metaphysical Maggie    
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