Sunday, May 31, 2015

Summer TV

by Leann

I have said before that I am a TV addict. Thank goodness I am a multi-tasker. I seem to NEED noise to work. It started when I was a child and nothing has changed. My husband is the opposite. He'd be happy to live in silence for the rest of his life. I don't feel guilty watching television when I have work to do because I can do it with the TV blaring or the music cranked up.

I watched the opening episodes of two shows this week--"Wayward Pines" and "Aquarius."
"Wayward Pines" was on the DVR waiting. I should have left it there. Pretty darn boring for me. "Aquarius," on the other hand, was quite good. It revolves around Charlie Manson, who is still alive. I
cannot imagine how much harm that man could have done in the 80 years he's been alive if he'd never been caught. He did enough damage as it is.

"Aquarius" does much more than I imagined by weaving all the issues of the times when Manson ruled his cult. I was young then and I remember it all very well. The music the producers use is absolutely perfect and I recall every word of the songs they use. Having read Helter Skelter by Vincent Bugliosi, I am quite familiar with the crimes, but this limited series is telling it in a different and interesting way.

I do look forward to my other summer pleasures--"Royal Pains," "Major Crimes," "Murder in the First," "Rookie Blue," "Suits," and many more. And I cannot wait for "True Detective!"

What about you? Any TV addicts out there who love summer programming? Tell me your favorites!
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