Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Post Conference Update

by Maggie Sefton

Apologies for the tardy posting today, but last night Flu Bug symptons showed up and definitely slowed me down.  This morning I feel better.  Taking it easy and will go to doctor to have this cough checked.  I've learned not to ignore a cough.  Years ago I would keep on going and going with a cough sometimes lasting up to two weeks.  That  was in the Superwoman phase in my 30s.  :)  But one time the cough didn't get better and when a doctor checked, it had gone into bronchitis.  That is definitely not fun.  So----I no longer ignore coughs with bad colds or even a slight flu.  I'd never had bronchitis before then, and boy oh boy-----did that slow me down.  It was an effort to walk across the room, let alone take care of my two daughters----both under four years old.  After that I decided that "Superwoman" didn't exist.  She'd died off years ago.   :/

The Malice Domestic conference was fun as always.  I really enjoy touching base with readers and writer folk I've met over the years.  But---I'm now down here a block from the wide, wide Potomac River, so I've added some photos.

Azaleas are blooming everywhere.  The salmon pink and white bushes beside the house are in full bloom.  The combo pink and white are coming.  Flowering pink dogwoods have already peaked.  Don't you just LOVE spring?   What's blooming where you are?
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