Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Packing it in

Hi, Duffy Brown here and

I’m going to Italy for three weeks!!!!! Yippee!! (I’m going to discover my Castelluccio roots)

Now I have to pack for it! Boooooo!

Without a doubt the worse part of a trip is packing. I never know want to bring. I’ve made this new rule that when flying I cannot pack more than I can carry. If it doesn’t go in the carryon that I can lift it stays home.

I know, I know... Duffy, honey, you can check bags! But then you have to lug the bags through the airport, onto trains, busses cars. I’m too old to lug.

So I made a few investments. First off I bought carry on luggage that fits the new international airline regulations. They are really getting cranky about that. And it only weights 6 pounds. I got that four-wheel swivel kind so I can push it along and I got a duffle that fits on top.

I put my 3 oz liquids in a zip-lock baggie and my daughter talked me into one of those Eagle Creek packing cubes that keep clothes from sliding around. When you get to where you’re going you simply lift out the cube and put it in the drawer. Bingo! It fits nicely into my carryon and I can pack shoes etc around it.

I have a thin cross body purse that has a flap and is pretty much pick-pocket proof. (Least that’s the plan). You can only carry two things on the plane so the thin purse slides in the duffle.

I have noise-reducing earphones for those crying babies (been there. No fun). I have the official Rick Steves under-garment holder for passport and credit cards and the protectors so my info can’t be stolen by some sneaky electronic devise.

I have a stash of candy and an apple and neck pillow and a book. But what else? Anyone have any suggestions? I can use all the help I can get…I hate packing for trips!

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