Sunday, May 24, 2015

Mother Nature Can Be Cruel!

by Leann

The joys of nature on the lake are certainly appreciated by an animal lover like me. We see all sorts of wildlife--owls, foxes, turkeys, deer, beavers, turtles, fish, osprey, eagles, hawks,, vultures, bobcats. I could go on and on. Of course the birds are very different in South Carolina than the ones we saw in Texas.

There are so many darling bluebirds. We NEVER saw bluebirds in south Texas. Our neighbor gave
us a bluebird house and sure enough this spring they claimed it as their own. The nesting took at least a month and kept them very busy. When the geese and ducks began swimming by with their recently hatched babies, we could tell the bluebirds had children in that little house, too.

I believe that when we started to see the number of goslings and ducklings decrease each day it was a foreshadowing. First a pair of geese had six babies, then four. It made me sad. But when I received a call from our
next door neighbor to look out the window at our bluebird house, it was tough. A big black snake had managed to slither up the metal pole and before we could react, it was inside that bluebird house and the little bluebirds were gone.

I understand this is how nature works, that every year there is this fight to survive--even that snake has to survive--but it wasn't fun to watch. Of the
three sets of geese who had babies only have two babies left. But they go on with their daily routine. The bluebirds, however, disappeared. Next year, my engineer husband will think of a way to keep the snakes out. It's as much of a challenge for him as it is for those snakes! I think the human will win next time!

I know this story isn't a happy ending, but we will prevail and make our yard a safe haven. Any similar stories? Did you cry like I did?
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