Thursday, May 7, 2015

Home is where the heart is

Well, after six days, more than a thousand miles and about a million laughs, I arrived home from a road trip this week.  Four women, eight pieces of luggage, three gift baskets, and random bags and boxes, one car and too many opinions to count!  At Malice Domestic, it was great to see old friends(including some of you!) and meet new ones. 

Our book event at the Mechanicsburg Mystery Bookstore was lots of fun and we got to connect with new readers and fans. 

A good time was had by all.  But really, the best part?  I have to admit it was walking through that front door and being greeted by my hubby and two small very excited dogs.

 If you even want to feel truly wanted, have your dog at the door after a trip. I think my husband was happy too, but he didn’t run around in circles and he never barked once.

 I was even greeted by the ducks who took time off from whatever ducks do in the nearby ditch  to waddle over.
 In the time I was gone, the tulips had sprung, the daffs were waving gaily 

and we had a bumper crop of white trillium, the official flower of Ontario.


 My hubby had pulled together quite a nice dinner out of the pathetic scraps from the fridge.  I felt loved and wanted. I didn’t let myself think about our ratty lawn. 

 Once that overstuffed suitcase was out of the way (I should take lessons from Duffy!) and a load of laundry whirling, it felt so good to just chill and chat.  I confess that later we watched a taped episode of Battle Creek, a police procedural that I find hilarious and just enjoyed the quiet life.  It will take a week to catch up on everything that slipped during my week, but so what!

Home is where the heart is.  It’s also handy to have a hug, pets and a PVR. 

What about you? Do you love setting out on a trip? Or do you prefer the re-entry?  Do you have pets who meet you at the door?  Or …?
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