Sunday, May 17, 2015

Hitting the Road (Or The Friendly Skies) With Pets

This is Ellery, posting on behalf of Leann, whose Internet was suddenly and unexpectedly cut off due to some construction work in her development.

Therefore, I thought it would be fun if her readers posted to *her* for a change.

And since summer is around the corner, and lots of us will be traveling with our pets, I wanted to invite you to share some of your funny, challenging, and most memorable pet travel tails. I mean, tales.

After all, we know how much Leann loves animals! So go on, what happened when you brought Fido to Florida? Mittens to Maine?

We'd all love to hear about it!


Dr. Mary Kennedy said...

My cats stay home with a pet-sitter, there are too many to take with us! They are always happy to see us when we get back.

Anonymous said...

I also don't take cats traveling except to the vets. When Bandit (now at the Rainbow Bridge) and Spats were going to the vet to be neutered, I had them in a cardboard carrying case. I got about 1/2 way there, stopped for a light, and noticed that Spats with Bandit right behind had figured out how to get out. I quickly turned into the mall, shoved them back in, and tied up the handle. Needless to say, I borrowed a plastic case with mesh metal doors until I could find one to buy. The other memorable trip was when I took Spats to the cardiologist whose office was about an hour away for the first time. They needed to keep him all day so I picked him up about 4:30. It was rush hour, it was dark and rainy, he hadn't used the litter box all day, and he yowled all the way home. Rush hour is bad enough without the distraction of a very mad cat who needs to use the potty! Cordella

Margaret said...

My first two girls (cats) would go to Grandma and Grandpa's house and they had their little luggage to take with them. As soon as they saw me pack their bag and take out the carriers they would jump right in. My mother spoiled them.
After they passed away, and I adopted my new (I hate that word but for lack of a better description) girls I decied to go with a pet sitter. With my parents a little bit older we thought it would be best. And Dharma and Thora hate the car.
But Blossom and Six knew Grandma spoiled them rotten and LOVED going on their own vacation. But when they got home they had to go from rooom to room to make sure everything was in it's place and they went to inspect their litter box very carefully. "Because you never know what strange cats may come in and use it while they are away." And of course after my mother's treatment, there was no living with them for awhile until they realized things were back to normal.

ceblain said...

In the 1980's we used to drive to Florida from MA every year to visit my parents taking our two children and our Scottish Terrier with us. Maizie traveled well each time we went and so one night half way to Florida on our stop at a hotel, we left her in the room while we went to dinner. We let her be free as she had been crated all day except for her potty stops. We had done this before and not ever had a problem. Well, we got back from dinner, and there were no curtains on the windows as she had tugged at them and pulled them off. Then she proceeded to tear them apart so they were pretty much in shreds. This was a hotel where pets were welcome so it was not a problem with her being there, but even though the hotel curtains were nothing to write home about to begin with, they sure were never going to be able to be used again. It was a costly overnight and since we had no drapes to close that night, the sun woke us early and we hit the road much earlier than normal that day. It cost us a lot more for those darned drapes than a night at the hotel for the four of us that was for sure. On our trip home we kept her in her crate while we went to dinner just in case she wanted to have some additional fun with the drapes at that hotel.

Aurian said...

I still remember taking two dogs and a large suitcase on the train. One dog wanted nothing more but get out of the train, and the leashes kept tangling. I was exhausted once I arrived ... The next year, I had hired a friend to be a house/pet/sitter.