Thursday, May 28, 2015

Do we have the right robot for that?

Two things came together for me this weekend.  First I found the perfect toy robot for seven-year-old Connor to assemble. That will be hours of fun for him and his dad.

And then, while checking out robots on line (How do you spell procrastination?) I kept stumbling across news items with the exciting news that inventors are busily working to perfect a robot chef, a gadget that can be programmed to prepare gourmet meals.  


Apparently, one model will be available within a few years at a proposed price of $15,000.
Robots will come with recipes, but apparently will need someone to do the prep work.  That means assembling ingredients (after shopping for them), chopping veggies and on-going clean-up, not to mention hunting in the back of the cupboard for the wayward wooden spoons. 

Is it just me or is this all kind of backwards? Is the robot getting all the fun parts and the people getting to chop onions for eternity?  I’ll do a lot of cooking for fifteen thousand dollars, especially if someone else has done the prep.  I’ll even do it for free.

Apparently (and unconfirmed) the robots do not care to do (I mean are not programed for) doing dishes. That’s a different story.  

I would happily never do another dish again as long as I live. Face it, even with a dishwasher, there's still plenty to do, such as clearing tables, wiping counters to say nothing of the sink.  I think that would be a good use of those uppity robots. 

But will there be a robot that I’ll trust with my favorite wine glasses?  

They've managed to survive ten years even with those dyslexic, left-footed, ham-handed Maffinis lurching around.

What about this antique platter from my mother?  Of course, she got it at a garage sale and decades later we still cherish it. Would a robot 'get' that?  I think not.

On the other hand, I might want a robot to clear out my email INBOX or do my income tax and fold laundry..  Then there are all those deep-rooted dandelions on the lawns. They’re screaming for a robot.

So thanks.  I’ll keep the kitchen, cooking and dishes, as long as I can.  But I’m open to other robot ideas, including kitchen chopping and prep.

It’s your turn my friends. If you could have your choice of robot, what would it be?  Would you say yes to any? 

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