Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Wedding Bells…or Maybe Not…

Hi, Duffy Brown here.

Yesterday was release day for Demise In Denim the fifth book in the Consignment Shop mysteries. Thank you all for making it a really fun release day! Yippee…what a blast!

But here’s the question I’ve been wresting with.

For those of you who haven’t read the series there’s this gal, Reagan Summerside who got kicked to the curb by her ex. A hunky attorney Walker Boone represented Reagan’s ex in the divorce settlement and all Reagan got was a rundown house and a fistful of bills. This wasn’t so much that Boone was a terrific attorney but that Reagan was young, stupid and in love
and signed a prenup.

Okay, so Reagan really didn’t like Boone at first. More like she wanted his head on a silver platter but as time and books progressed and their paths crossed and they saved each other’s bacon a few times they’ve gotten close.

So here’s the question... Do you think they should get married as the books go on or just keep the sexual tension and lively bantering going on? If you watch Castle on TV they finally got married. But do you think it ruins the give and take? The ability to get mad and walk away?

My books are not the only ones with this situation and I’d like to see what you think should happen. Should the relationship go on for like fifteen books? Personally I cannot see any man that I know putting up with that. But does it ruin the story if they do get hitched?

If you’ve already read Demise in Denim please do not give away anything in the story. I’m just looking for a general opinion. 

I know what I’m going to do in the series but it’s always fun to get the reader’s opinion.

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