Friday, April 3, 2015

They're egg-celent!

by Lorraine Bartlett / Lorna Barrett / L.L. Bartlett

I like poached eggs ... as long as they're the consistency of HARD boiled eggs.  (And with Easter coming up, don't you just LOVE Easter Eggs? I usually make deviled eggs out of them.  Mary Jane has a cool recipe in The Cozy Chicks Kitchen.)  I don't get to eat poached eggs very often because Mr. L doesn't like them and my poacher makes FOUR and it seems to take forever to make them and I get impatient.  Therefore, I usually cook an egg in the microwave (and why is it the white explodes and not the yolk?) and it's kinda hard and rubber, but if I put enough pepper on it, it's fine (especially with a lovely piece of dry white toast. That's just the way I like it).

My Mom has been under the weather and I've been trying to encourage her to eat. She likes poached eggs.  Not like the way I prefer them, but runny (and, ick! -- yucky).  She has a poacher, but it's for the microwave and she doesn't like rubbery eggs.

No problem. I'll make them like I saw in the movie Julie and Julia.  (And if you want to see that scene, here it is--just click the link.)

Well, it my first efforts kind of turned out the same way.  But after about four tries I nailed it.  Of course, it wasn't from watching THAT fiasco.  I went to Youtube and searched for "poached eggs" and came up with Gordon Ramsey making eggs Benedict. Boy, that was about 30 seconds well spent. Do this, do this, and do that.  Voila!  Nailed it on the first try.  (Here's the link for that recipe; the egg poaching starts at time index 2:36.)

I like the way Ramsey describes the perfect poached egg: it's supposed to look like a little mozzarella ball. My Mom likes it on toast soldiers, so that's the way I serve it to her.  I must admit, it looks wonderful ... but I'm just not a fan of runny yolks.

 So, how do you like YOUR eggs?

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