Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Girls Need Help!

by Leann

I suppose getting older has many pitfalls to come. This one started about eight years ago. I began to have a pain in my back--right side, middle. I soon learned it was actually my gall bladder. I thought after I had that little beast removed, the pain would leave. But it didn't. It's more generalized now. So what's the reason? It's my bra.

If I take it off, problem solved. But showing up outside the privacy of my home without the proper foundation is almost as uncomfortable as no bra. Not that I go out that much, but still. You get the picture.

These days, there are all sorts of online tools to measure properly. I even had myself measured at a department store. Okay, I am between band sizes and between cup sizes. That does make things a little difficult. But I have probably 25 bras and NONE OF THEM are comfortable. Some of it is probably caused by the changes created by gravity. (Thank you aging body. I never counted on THIS being a problem.)

I've tried various solutions. Bra extenders, wearing a tight T-shirt under my clothes, bralettes, camisoles. I do have quite the collection. And still my back hurts. I did read an article about ladies of a certain age and how they need a more "structured" bra.

Doesn't that sound comfortable? I think not. In my search for a solution, I did find something very interesting. According to I learned this: "We believe there are no known health benefits from wearing bras - but there are disturbing parallels between wearing bras and the incidence of fibrocystic disease and breast cancer."

So, tell me readers--do any of you have this problem? Is there a bra out there for "us?" Or, do you think it's time to give up? I just want to be comfortable and perhaps bra-free isn't so bad after all. Next problem? Shoes ... and then there's the hair products, shampoos and soaps that make me break out in hives. Sigh. Getting old is all it's cracked up to be. Changes you never anticipated keep popping up.
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