Thursday, April 30, 2015


By Victoria Abbott aka Mary Jane Maffini

I love a road trip. By the time you read this, I will be barreling my way down the I-81 bound for Bethesda, Maryland and Malice Domestic, the annual mystery conference where, in years past. I was fortunate (and thrilled) to meet most of the Cozy Chicks.

There will be three other Canadian mystery writers in the car with me.

My partners in crime for the trip are: Brenda Chapman, Vicki Delany (Eva Gates), and Linda Wiken (Erika Chase) I’ve been friends with these women for many years.  We all love mysteries and this crazy business and the people we meet in it.
It's just not enough!

Malice Domestic takes place in a city where the flowering shrubs will be at their best, the trees will be leafed out, the grass will be lush. If you saw Maggie's fabulous photo on Tuesday, you know what I'm talking about.  

Let’s just say we are leaving a still leafless area where all we have is a few lonely crocus and daffs to dot the brown lawns.  How’s that for motivation?


Now, back to the car: we may all be talking at once.   It will be stuffed like our suitcases.

 We will have enough luggage for six people and it’s possible that one of us may also have a couple of giant hats.  No names mentioned, but it’s not me.

I do however, have seven pairs of shoes packed, to cover off all possible foot situations, hot, cold, sore, everything except snow.

At the border, they will ask us a lot of questions!  We will look a bit like we're moving in.
It’s a nine hour trip and it will take us two days. There are no men on this trip and so that means plenty of restroom breaks, tea breaks, coffee breaks, lunch breaks, shopping breaks and ‘oh look, isn’t that pretty!’ breaks.  


We will share the driving and we will be two to a hotel room.  There will be emergency chocolate in both hotel rooms as well as in the car.  In short, in case you haven’t gathered, this will be like a mobile slumber party.We know we’ll have a good time

If any of you are going to Malice, I hope you’ll say hi!   

So how about you?  Do you enjoy road trips with friends? Got any war stories about those trips to share?  Feel free to defend the men in your lives if they don't mind stopping!  Remember, what’s said on Cozy Chicks, stays on Cozy Chicks. 
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