Thursday, April 16, 2015

Please welcome the honeymooners!

 Well, sort of!  When I looked out the window at the little clump of crocus on our bare patch of brown lawn after five months of white stuff, my heart leaped. 

By Mary Jane Maffini aka Victoria Abbott

The ducks were back!  The happy couple waddled along, into our overflowing drainage ditch and up toward the little patch of crocus.  Judging from their body language, they're still head over webbed feet over each other.  In fact, I'm pretty sure that it's the same happy pair that spent the spring with us last year. 

Of course, I was supposed to be working on The Hammett Hex, our fifth book collector mystery, but the ducks took over my thoughts. Who can concentrate with love in the air?

Love is in the air!

They were kind of interested in me, although I must have seemed fairly deranged, crawling over the damp hibernating grass with the camera in one hand, tossing bits of Ryvita.  There were no takers.

My hubby tried to entice them with lettuce, but I remembered from last year that they were too fancy for that.

We'll see what we can find for them tomorrow. It sure did make my day to see these sweet little mallards on the move.  They did get within eight feet of the front door. Last year they tried to walk in to the surprise of Daisy the Dachshund.

They meandered off when my neighbor's ancient cat (Mousie) teetered over to rub his white fur on my black pants. The joke's on him. These aren't my good pants. They're my 'crawling after the ducks to get a photo' pants.  

I'm looking forward to tomorrow and sooner or later, maybe some fluffy little ones swimming after mum and dad.  

What about you? Signs of spring in your area?  Any ducks? Other returning friends?  What do you feed them?  If you live in an area without our kind of spring, what is happening? 


Dr. Mary Kennedy said...

Those are very sweet photos! I'm glad there was no encounter between Daisy and the ducks--I wonder if she was surprised to see them. When we're in Ft. Lauderdale, the occasional seagull wanders in from the beach and pads around the kitchen before I can shoo him out. Luckily there are no cats with us in Florida, so it's safe for seagulls.

Mary Jane Maffini said...

Thanks, Mary! Daisy and Lily did bark at the ducks when they tried to walk into the house last year. But they are not interested in birds, only squirrels. The ducks are quite big and were very insulted by the barking and waddled off in displeasure. LOL.

Diane said...

Your flowers are so beautiful and nice to see that they are blooming. I have my leaves coming out on my hydrangea so that means it made it through that horrible winter. I look every day to see if the hosta are coming but so far nothing. Usually they come up fast after winter but this is a different variety than I had at my house. Last year something was eating them. I think it might have been a skunk. One lives under the community building across the street from me and they are trying to get rid of it. Also I hear there is an albino one around. I'll have to get some spray for the hosta this year, if they do come up. It is nice to see that Spring has sprung.

Mary Jane Maffini said...

I love hosta and hydrangea, Diane. I hope yours come back soon. Our hosta are just starting in a few areas. We should exchange hosta shots later in the season.



Nancy said...

There was a pair of ducks who used to visit us and swim on the top of our above-ground, covered pool. We no longer have the pool, so no more ducks. I hope you can get pictures if and when the fluffy ducklings appear.
I'm looking forward to the Hammett Hex. If you need an early reader and reviewer, of an ARC, for example, I volunteer.

Annette N said...

How blessed you are to have such lovely neighbors. The pair are obviously comfy in your neighborhood.
I live in Austin TX. We (Thank You Lord) do not normally get snow. Saw some geese flying north the other morning. And our Mexican doves are here. They have been here for more than a month now. Our mockingbirds are doing their best to bully everyone in order to be the only singing stars in our neighborhood.
I live in the city, and we have possums and a raccoon who live near. Across the street, there is an empty field - it had beautiful wild flowers and of course the owner hired some barbarian to come and mow them all down two days ago. They missed the black eyed susans and the buttercups along the creek. Later on the oleanders along the creek will be lovely.
Here in the West, a drought has been going on for about 7 years. But, this winter and early spring we got some rain. Not a ton, but some. And that means we have flowers growing and things are green. Whether we will get to our normal brown, dry and crunchy by summer is yet to be determined. But right now, we are having a spring. And that is a wonderful thing.

Anonymous said...

As I've said before, because the West Coast had such a mild winter, our spring is in full bloom. The lilacs are even out about a month or so early. Last Saturday I went to Fuschia Saturday which is put on by one of the big box stores. You take in pots or buy them there, buy your plants (usually the annuals), and then they pot them for you with really good potting soil for free. They have done this for so long that they have it down to a science, and it's really efficient. Even with lots of people in line, it was about an hour from time I left home to when I got back. Unfortunately, the weather was cold and spitting rain but still o.k. when I only paid $43.00 for 10 plants and a pot. No ducks in the yard, but I live between two wetland areas so always have birds flying over, esp Canada geese. Cordella

Mary Jane Maffini said...

Thanks, Nancy. Can you contact me with your email addy? I'm detect at rogers dot com.

Cheers. MJ

Mary Jane Maffini said...

We snow whiners are all quite horrified and worried about the droughts in the West and CA. I loved learning about your birds and wild flowers, Annette.



Mary Jane Maffini said...

I am jealous, Cordella! Lilacs are end of May and into June here. I love them.

You sure got a great deal on the fuschias! Wow.



Anonymous said...

Although it's called Fuschia Saturday, all of their plants are on sale. I didn't get any fuschias but just the cost of the potting soil and the free labor make it a great bargain! Cordella

Annette N said...

Lilacs do not grow in my area - it never becomes cold enough. And that is something I miss - what a lovely blessing they are.