Thursday, April 16, 2015

Please welcome the honeymooners!

 Well, sort of!  When I looked out the window at the little clump of crocus on our bare patch of brown lawn after five months of white stuff, my heart leaped. 

By Mary Jane Maffini aka Victoria Abbott

The ducks were back!  The happy couple waddled along, into our overflowing drainage ditch and up toward the little patch of crocus.  Judging from their body language, they're still head over webbed feet over each other.  In fact, I'm pretty sure that it's the same happy pair that spent the spring with us last year. 

Of course, I was supposed to be working on The Hammett Hex, our fifth book collector mystery, but the ducks took over my thoughts. Who can concentrate with love in the air?

Love is in the air!

They were kind of interested in me, although I must have seemed fairly deranged, crawling over the damp hibernating grass with the camera in one hand, tossing bits of Ryvita.  There were no takers.

My hubby tried to entice them with lettuce, but I remembered from last year that they were too fancy for that.

We'll see what we can find for them tomorrow. It sure did make my day to see these sweet little mallards on the move.  They did get within eight feet of the front door. Last year they tried to walk in to the surprise of Daisy the Dachshund.

They meandered off when my neighbor's ancient cat (Mousie) teetered over to rub his white fur on my black pants. The joke's on him. These aren't my good pants. They're my 'crawling after the ducks to get a photo' pants.  

I'm looking forward to tomorrow and sooner or later, maybe some fluffy little ones swimming after mum and dad.  

What about you? Signs of spring in your area?  Any ducks? Other returning friends?  What do you feed them?  If you live in an area without our kind of spring, what is happening? 
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