Thursday, April 2, 2015

We’re all ears!

Come on by and tell us if you have any Easter bunny traditions.  There’s something about this time of year when there’s the barest suggestion of color and growth in our part of the world. We're desperate for signs of life. For brightness. We need flowers. 

We need bunnies and, of course, we always need chocolate.

Naturally we’re hoping the bunny brings all of us lots. We hear chocolate has many, many health benefits.

These ones look like they're planning an escape. Good luck with that, rabbits!

Have we mentioned that we believe that the ears are the best part? Full of vitamins.

After that it’s all pretty much of a much.

It cheers us up to get the bunny ears out and to put some flowers around the place, even though the local tulips won’t be seen for another five or six weeks. As they say, fake it till you make it. 

Even the dogs are in on the act. 

Peachy always looks like she's auditioning for one of Shakespeare's tragedies. Don't be fooled.

No chocolate for them, but they will get some treats, unless they chase the Easter bunny out of the yard.  We don't advise you to try this with cats.

Daisy and Lily know there\s a treat coming. Well, there'd better be.

Oh yes, we do know we're being silly. But we just survived a five-day turnaround for our copy-edits of The Marsh Madness (our fourth book collector mystery) and that left us kind of punchy.  Now we need fun. It would be dangerous to try and stop us.

So be kind. And bring chocolate. 

And we wish you a 

Don’t forget to tell us what fun or lovely family (includes pets!) things you’re planning.

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