Sunday, April 12, 2015


by Leann

This is my second spring in South Carolina and the yellow dust that clouds the sky for weeks and weeks is taking its toll. When we moved from New York to Texas, I had two years where I was allergy free. The humidity there makes a lot of difference. But allergies, especially grasses, caught up with me eventually and I did 3 rounds of shots over the span of our time there. It helped for the grasses and trees but not so well for the mold and foods.

This yellow pollen we have to endure here--I think it's oak?--is absolutely the worst allergen ever for
me. It coats the car, it swirls in the air and there are pools of the stuff floating on the water. It really does look like the picture above. Rosie, our little water-loving dog, was having fun splashing around on the shore and got covered in the stuff. My husband had to throw her off the dock into pollen free water to clean her off. Don't worry. She LOVED it.

Among the million allergies I have, this one has my asthma acting up like crazy. If any of you have asthma you know how tiring it is to fight to breathe. I have used so many tissues I fear the trees are screaming at me. I want to say, "You stop your pollen poison and I'll stop sneezing!" It will pass and
the air will clear--for a few weeks that is. Then something else comes in as I recall. We are getting ready to landscape and I asked the contractor who visited to teach us what we can grow. Very fragrant plants, no matter how pretty, are not for me.

The trade off is okay, though. The sun on the lake, the beautiful view, the tall trees and the lush green grass are super fine by me. Meanwhile, it's inhalers and tiny doses of antihistamines. The medications make me weepy, though. When we were visiting family in Seattle, I warned them when I had to take an Allegra that I would turn into someone they might not like. (Allegra-Lady cries a lot. But at least she doesn't sneeze all over people.)

What about you? Allergy season get to you? And do any of you get all cranky and weepy if you have to take an antihistamine?

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