Thursday, March 26, 2015

You sent me a what?

Yesterday, my friend sent me a Facebook message. She’d been trying to reach me and getting no answer after repeated attempts.  Was I all right?

As far as I knew, I was all right, and more than all right. I had no messages on my home phone or Facebook. Where had she been trying to reach me?

On two different cell phones, it turned out. Mine and my husband’s.  But there were no messages.

I scratched my head. 

The messages as you may have already  out were texts and there they were sitting on the text screen of my cell.  This is a place I have rarely been and hope to never be again.

Sure, I have lots of friends who use it to communicate with their adult children and their families. My own grown-up up kids use it all the time.

I just am not keen to have another place to check.  I am not alone. My hubby’s phone makes a sound like a kid’s tricycle bell every time he gets a text. I estimate he has received thousands of them, many in the hours of three to five in the morning.  This is why his phone no longer spends the night recharging in our bedroom.  For the record, I’m pretty sure he’s never read one of them. 

I think texts are a great idea. For other people. Or even for me if I’m in some kind of life-threatening situation or I'm lost in the mall.

But I have plenty to keep up with on email, two Facebook accounts, two Facebook message sections, Pinterest, newsletter, comments by lovely friends on my blog posts, Yahoo groups, voice mail, snail mail and notes stuck on my door by delivery guys.

I don’t want another place to look.  Yes, I realize in the time it took me to type this post on my slightly antiquated keyboard, another three social media sites were probably born. I just don’t want to think about it.  It's enough to drive me to drink. Hang on, I'm reaching for my flask.

So what do you think:: can I get by without texts and texting? If you are a younger member of my family, you have just rolled your eyes.  Don’t care. I’m used to it. 

And how about the rest of you? What kinds of messaging do you absolutely need and what can you live without?  Is there anything that just drives you crazy.  Maybe it’s people who don’t answer your texts. 

You might even want to respond to me by text, but unless you are one of the five (eye-rolling) people who have my cell phone number …  never mind. I hope you do respond here. I always love reading your comments.

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