Friday, March 20, 2015

Spring had better sprung!

by Lorraine Bartlett / Lorna Barrett / L.L. Bartlett

Happy First Day of Spring (for those of you in the top half of the world -- and Happy First Day of Autumn for those of you living down under).

There are FINALLY signs of spring everywhere.

Geese.  I'm not sure if these are travelers, since we get so many who winter over these days, but they've been doing a lot of honking, so even if they live here year round, they're they're making a cheerful noise.

Daffodil points. My mother's little garden in front of the house is coming to life with them, and the tips of crocuses. 

You can see people's lawns again, and the grass is starting to get a tinge of green.

Well, not on my side of the street.  I'm still surrounded by snow, Snow, SNOW!!!  In fact, it seems like everywhere I went yesterday, the snow had done a good job of receding.  Except on MY street. Some of the lawns on the east side of the street have grass, but not on my side.

I'd love to be able to go out back to check to see if there are daffodil points, but ... guess what!  There's too much snow.  Not on the garden, but on the pool deck there's still at least 10-12 inches of ice. (Used to be snow, but now it's solid and you can't shovel it.)

And for everyone who can't wait for the first snowfall, they should be made to look at the dirty piles of the stuff that sits in parking lots until May.

When I look out my front window, I see a shrunken pile of snow, but it's still there. It'll still be there 2-3 weeks from now, too.  (Courtesy of  plow guy, who shoved it all in one pile, at the TOP of the driveway instead of the bottom like every other plow guy. We're going to have a little talk before next winter.)

There's another storm predicted for today and tomorrow in the northeast, but luckily it's going to skirt by us. We'll get some rain.  I hope it washes some of the dirt from the snowpiles.

And how's the weather where you are?

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