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So…you write books

Duffy Brown
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One Writer’s Journey
or I always have to write something on a steamed mirror

Maybe that was my first clue that I wanted to be a writer for real.

Or maybe it was that I always thought in stories. Not long ago I asked my husband...So, husband, what kind of stories do you think about? I got this What the heck are you talking about look so I explained...You know, like if you’re board or on a plane and have a little down time, what kind of stories do you make up?

Well, dang, you mean not everyone thinks in stories? I had no idea.

And as long as I can remember I would mentally rewrite books. In first grade if Dick and Jane didn’t do what I thought they should I made up a new story. If I didn’t like an ending in other books I’d rewrite the ending to what I thought it should be and if a character did something stupid, I rewrote him/her.

Then there was the time when I couldn’t find a book I liked and my daughter who was in the eighth grade at St. Andrew’s School tossed me a well-worn, dog-eared Harlequin. A romance? Who reads these things? I read it in desperation and loved it! Only after I finished did my daughter tell me it was the student’s supplement to their sex-ed class! I should have known since all the good stuff was underlined in red!  

I was hooked on romance and I started writing my own stories. At first it was just for me and then it got to be more. Getting that more published took eight years but it has been so worth the effort. Writing is my thing. I can’t imagine not writing. It’s a big part of who I am.

The very best part of writing is the people I’ve met along the way, editors, agents, publicists, other authors and the readers. When I needed a doctor in NYC for my daughter who lives there (and I live in Cincy) I put out a mass mailing asking for doctor references. So many people wrote back with recommendations and the gals from Romantic Times even offered to take my daughter to lunch and be with her if she needed support.

Now that is friendship!

The worse part of writing of course is the rejections of projects you really want to write and no one wants to buy. But the best outweighs the worse by a ton.
My writer’s journey has been like a roller coaster with ups and downs and lots of twists and turns but it is one hell of a ride and I cannot imagine life without a contract and a title and deadline. The special world of books is exciting and challenging and it’s exactly where I want to be.



Jeanetta said...

I guess my sex education class allowed a romance novel. It would have made it more interesting.

Unknown said...

I'm delighted you can do what you love and be paid to do it, and your talent and passion are appreciated by many. Thank you, Duffy!

Duffy Brown said...

I think that’s just what my daughter’s class thought. Too funny.

Duffy Brown said...

Thanks Zena. We all need to do what we love at some point. I wrote for nine years and never got paid for it. Just something I had to do.

Kelli Jo said...

You keep writing and I'll keep reading. ��
Love your books - maybe one of these days I'll get to meet you - I'm just in Southern Illinois. ��

ceblain said...

My experience with writing has only been for local newspapers in the form of a local community column at first and then a weekly food column. I can certainly understand the not making money at writing but it is the love of doing so that keeps writers going and the desire to have readers enjoy a story or in my case a food column. It is so great that you can now feel how much the readers love your work and that will continue with the fantastic stories that you do in your two latest series. I for one will be here waiting each time a new book comes out and will savor each and every line. I am so happy that you found your calling to be so rewarding; that is wonderful to know. You are a very special person, Ms Duffy, and please don't ever forget that. We all <3 you.
Cynthia B

Anonymous said...

My brain is programmed for math and analytical thinking so I can't write worth a darn, but I really admire people like you and the other Cozy Chicks who give me so much enjoyment. Dana Stabenow said that she absolutely hated the ending to "Romeo and Juliet" so she wrote "Bad Blood" as a Kate Shugak mystery with a different ending which she thinks is much more logical. Cordella

Kate Collins said...

I'm like you, Duffy. If I couldn't write I would have to make up stories in my head. It's how I put myself to sleep as a little girl. I was the princess and oh, here's come Prince Charming! I guess you're either born to tell stories or you're not.

Duffy Brown said...

You are too sweet, Kelly Jo! I really appreciate it. Yeah, we got to meet up. We are not that far away. Hugs, Duffy

Duffy Brown said...

You are amazing, Cynthia! Always there with a pat on the back and a big smile. You always make me smile. Have a good day and thinks spring. Even Boston has got have spring! Hugs

Duffy Brown said...

I my brain is not geared for numbers! I see tax forms and weep. Love the idea behind Bad Blood. Rewriting stores is so much fun. Fan fiction!!

Duffy Brown said...

Hi, Kate. I made up stories for my kids all the time. They loved it and so did I. Thanks for chatting. Hugs.

Anonymous said...

You are priceless, Duffy. I am still laughing at the steamed mirror. You make the world a better place because of your books and your wonderful attitude.


MJ/VA (google won't let me sign in!)

Duffy Brown said...

You are so sweet. I think that’s the nicest things anyone has ever said to me. Thank you so very much. You sure made my day. Hugs, Duffy

Annette N said...

Duffy, I believe in destiny. I think your destiny was to create stories for those of us who are enjoying the fruits of your labors. And I am glad.

Duffy Brown said...

You are so sweet. But I’d be nowhere without you all. Thank you!