Monday, March 23, 2015

Rescued Dogs

by Kate Collins

To celebrate National Puppy Day, the Cozy Chicks are honoring rescue dogs. In my Flower Shop Mystery series, Abby's dog Seedy was rescued from a shelter before she could be euthanized. Abby hadn't planned on having a dog in her life. It just happened. And don't so many things in our lives go that way? (See last Monday's post, "In An Instant.") Seedy's image is in the poster, except the artist goofed. Seedy has just 3 legs. Oops!

I have a friend who rescues Yorkies and finds forever homes for them. She has three herself. Another friend has rescued several big dogs. I've rescued half a dozen cats, and my son, bless his heart, rescued a mother cat and her eight kittens. These stories are all so heart-warming, aren't they?

I'm not the only one of the Chicks who has a rescue dog in her mystery series. My friend Duffy Brown had this to say about her doggie character: "I have a rescue pup in my Consignment Shop series...Bruce Willis. Reagan found him hiding under her porch and shared her chicken McNuggets with him. They bonded."  You can see his "photo" here.

And Chick Mary Jane Maffini said, "Peachtree (aka Walter the Pug) was put up for 'adoption' online after the family had a baby.  It wasn't a complete rescue, but a timely adoption. She's Victoria's dog and we all love her.  Maybe not close enough to a 'real' rescue."  Close enough for me, MJ. A dog's life was saved.  You can see Walter in the poster above. He's such a cutie pug-tootie, isn't he?

And then there's my good buddy Maggie Sefton, who has real life rescues in her family. She told me, "Kate, here are two photos---Max at the vet's office sitting on the 
most vulnerable part of this anatomy and my "granddog" Oscar, Serena & 
Jeff's Dachsund. Oscar was found in a Houston shelter, shivering at the back of the big caged area. 
Now, he gets to be Big Brother to Mastiff puppy Boss."

Here are Maggie's photos.

Have you rescued a dog? Or any animal? Everyone who does should stand up and take a bow. You are an angel on earth.

Have a waggingly wonderful week.


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