Thursday, March 19, 2015

Join me on my Staycation

There’s nothing quite like the relief  I feel when a manuscript goes off to the editor.  I usually like to find some way to celebrate or even better, take a mini-vacation.  But this March, my plans were foiled.  My vacation plans had been rescheduled (a story for another blog).  My hubby was out of town.  Long story short: it was winter in Ottawa. I wanted a break. And I was stuck at home. 

When life sends lemons, we know what to do.  I decided to take a STAYCATION for my lemonade.  No long line-up in airports or getting up at 3 am to catch a connection. No bulging suitcases or realizing that the bathing suit should have come with a tent.  
This was a time to connect with family and friends and do things I’d been putting off. 

I had time to have a longer than usual visit with my 92-year old mother-in-law.  We had a ‘picnic’ with ribs and sweet potato fries at a table the staff set up at her care home. 

You may remember that Teagan and I got to make a pie and enjoy Paddington at the movies. We also had time for Teagan to draw and paint.  I got to keep this one! 

I caught up with my friends, usually over lunch or walks or browsing in stores.  Who has time for that as a rule?  
My friend Christine and I had a great lunch and then explored a shop next door that specializes in olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Who knew there was such a place?

The weather didn’t really cooperate, but later in the week, I did enjoy a cup of coffee while basking in front of the ‘lawn’. 

There was time to relax with the pooches (and bribe them) and to clown around a bit with Victoria (courtesy of the Dollar Store).   Even our trip to the vet was more relaxed without the time pressure.


Speaking of St. Paddy's Day, what's that without music?  I got to enjoy my friend Chris Rodgers and his amazing band, The Bay County Bys, play in the village. The roof was coming off our local pub, The Mill Tavern, that night.  

Still a few things to do before I get back to work, a stroll around the village, a visit to the French Café and (if the snow melts a bit more), the dog park.  I'll try for pix.

All of these things were easy and fun because of the great people involved: people I care about (and excellent dogs too)  Most of them, like the best things, in life were free (or at least inexpensive).

I still have dozens of things I'd like to do on this staycation, but I guess it's time to get busy writing another book.
Victoria and I will be back at the keyboard very soon, plotting The Hammett Hex, our fifth Book Collector mystery. She had her own staycation, but she can tell you that herself.  I think we’ll both have more energy, now that we’re recharged. 
It's your turn.  Have you had a ‘staycation’?  Did you enjoy it and do you have any suggestions for us on our next staycation?

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