Thursday, March 5, 2015

I'm seeing spots!

By Mary Jane Maffini aka Victoria Abbott

I was hunting around for a new outfit to wear to a conference and I automatically reached out for a snappy black jacket with white polka dots. A little voice in my head said, “But—”

                I shushed that little voice and tried in on.  The voice said a bit louder, “But—!!!”


                I really liked the jacket.  It fit perfectly.  The color combo and the shape liked me back. And the price was right. 

                That voice again. “But you already own a jacket that looks a lot like that! And  a sweater.

                Luckily I listened to the voice.  This time. 

                I have a bad habit of buying the same thing over and over, because it worked the first time. That explains all those black tops and pants in my closet. ( I’ll spare you an all-black photo.)

                But in addition to the black, a pattern was emerging and it was polka dots, mostly black (ahem) and white. I have them in skirts, pants, housecoats and scarves .  What’s with that? 

It's like an addiction and I can't just walk away.   Please don't suggest stripes. There's a small problem with them too.

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                What about you? Do you buy the same color or style over and over? Or are you crazy about a certain pattern? I want to hear about your addictions - to clothes.  Candy was yesterday, my darlings.
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