Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Home dirty home...

Duffy Brown here and we’re talking spring cleaning.

It’s spring and time to clean up the place. I looked at all the cleaning supplies at the grocery store, the price tags and considered the odor and the goop and thought UGH! There’s got to be a better way. My mom used vinegar and water to wash the windows and newspaper...cheaper and she knew what she was inhaling.

And now that it’s springtime...finally...the bugs are emerging. I hate all that spray and pesticides for inside and I have Dr Watson and Spooky to think about and of course myself. So I use Twenty Muleteam Borax. It works like a charm for keeping the thousand-legers at bay, spiders gone and other creepy crawlies out of the house.

I spray the houseplants with soapy water for aphids add white vinegar into the wash to make the clothes fluffy, add a dash of hair conditioner and it smell fantastic. I can remember my dad using baking soda to brush his teeth. He said it made them really clean and scrubbed off the tarter.

Sprinkling that baking soda in the bathtub gets rid of the ring and if you get candle wax on the rug ice hardens it and you can pick it off. Put a brown bag over the wax on the tablecloth and iron off the candle wax there too. The bag soaks up the wax.

When I have a cough I fine that honey, tea and a touch of bourbon works great and Coke helps to get rid of migraines and settle my stomach.

I still hang clothes in my shower area to get out wrinkles and hanging clothes outside to dry makes them smell better than any dryer sheets. A banana peal + water paste will shine the silver if you are in a pinch and cat litter is great to prevent slipping on the ice in winter.

I put my coffee grinds on the garden to enrich the soil and olive oil and a little wine vinegar is more than just salad dressing, it makes your wood furniture shine like no other. My Italian grandma taught me that one

So that’s some of my home remedies, what about you? Is there a tried and true home remedy you use and would like to share? It sure saves money and you usually have the stuff on hand and it’s not a bunch of chemicals.

Happy cleaning.
Hugs, Duffy

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