Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hints of Spring

by Maggie Sefton

To the right is what I call my River House (one block from the Potomac River) in the Northern Neck of Virginia.  It's all closed up for the winter.  They've had more snow than usual Back East this year.  Lots of snow is unusual near the River.  My neighbor took this photo.  I won't return until April.  :)   

This morning early when it was just dawning (Daylight Savings Time dawn) here in Fort
Collins, Colorado, I heard one of my favorite bird songs.  A lovely sweet chirp, chirp, chirp.  A Springtime Bird Song.  Boy. . .did it make me anxious for Spring to come even faster.  Of course, I shouldn't be antsy.  It's still March.  But we've been having a wonderful spell of early spring-like weather for weeks---literally from mid-January to mid-February.  It was 50s and into 60s.

That happens often in the winter here along the Front Range of the Rockies in Northern Colorado.  Still, March usually turns out to be our snowiest month.  So far, we did have a big 8" snow last week.  But with our glorious sunny sunny days, that snow has been steadily melting.   :)  

It's actually perfect weather for what I'm doing.  January through June is devoted to
writing the next Kelly Flynn Mystery.  So Wintertime is good for squirreling in and writing----for me, at least.  Thank goodness we have such sunny weather here in Northern Colorado, because I don't think I would be content to "squirrel in" if the majority of days were gray and cloudy.  Our family lived in West Lafayette, Indiana for 15 years when my then-husband was a professor at Purdue.  And, during the winter, there were a LOT of gray days.

So----Today, that's why I decided to post some colorful photos of Spring flowers.  These are the azalea bushes around the river house.  I thought these gorgeous heralds of Spring would  cheer up all of us who are anxiously awaiting Spring.  I also included one snowy photo of the river house.  It's only one and one-half hour away from the DC/VA/MD Metro Area Madness, but it's another  world.  A peaceful and quieter world, surrounded by trees and lots of places to sit outside on the wrap-around deck and relax.   When it's not covered in cold and snow, that is.  :)  

What are you foks doing to think of an Early Spring?
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