Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Guilty…or not guilty…that is the question

Duffy Brown here chewing my fingernails to the quick.
I’ve been called for jury duty and I can’t decide if I’m excited or scared to death.

I got myself prepared for this by watching Run-away Jury (very good) My Cousin Vinny (very funny), To Kill a Mockingbird (very chilling).

The excited part is that I get to see the legal system up close and personal. How it works, who does what, one of the best parts of America at work for sure. I wonder how they pick people to serve? Names in a hat? I worked the voting polls for years, maybe that list?

I got called once before for jury duty about thirty years ago. I just gave birth and they were not accepting that as an excuse back then. I had no one...and I do mean no leave the baby with. My husband could have taken the baby except for the breast-feeding situation.

Finally I pleaded and begged and said just give me a year and I’ll be there, I swear. Well, thirty years later they took me up on it.

The scared part of all this of course is the case. Each case is important and then making a decision…the right decision. I see nightmares ahead on this one. I wake up in the middle of the night wondering if I bought the right shoes to go with that dress? Did I get the right wine to go with that dinner? Making the right decision is very scary indeed and with something so important it takes scary to a whole new level.

One of my neighbors got called for a murder trail. They could not have had a better person on the jury as she is very intelligent and calm. I’ve had two lawyer friends called and again they are very good candidates as they know law and are rational.

Then there’s the mystery write who kills people for a living. Lord have mercy. I’m wondering how that’s going to play out in any courtroom with any lawyer. I’ll let you know.

So I’m asking you all for advice. Have you been on jury duty? What’s it like? What do I need to know? How did you survive? Were you as scared as I am?

Thanks for chatting. I’ll keep you posted.
Hugs, Duffy Brown

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