Monday, March 9, 2015

All About the Face: Best Makeup List

I love makeup advice. I’ve found a few definite winners that way but I’m searching for some new products. So let’s share our favorites!

Here are my winners:

Best Eyebrow Product: Anastasia Eyebrow Powder Duo
            I’m amazed how easily it goes on and how it lasts.

Best Eye Shadow Primer:  Urban Decay Eyeshadow Potion Primer in nude
            I’ve tried many other drugstore products. All promise to keep the shadow from creasing. Urban Decay’s primer is the ONLY one that works in Florida heat, both on the lid and under the eye.

Best Eye Shadow: Rimmel trio.
            I stumbled on this inexpensive brand in Germany when I forgot to pack my blush, of all things. I bought the only product I could find near the hotel – the Rimmel bronzing powder. (See below.) That led me to their eye shadow. You can’t beat the price or the staying power, but that factor may be helped by the primer. (See above.) Anyway, I love the brown combination.

Best Mascara: Still looking for a thickening, non-globbing/flaking product. I’ve tried several drugstore brands and Lancome’s Hypnose, Gradiose, and Definicils. They work but they don’t add the thickness I want and some flaking has happened.

Best Foundation: Dior Forever Diorskin SPF 25
            I’ve been looking for a liquid ever since I got tired of my Bare Mineral powder foundation. I wanted something smooth but not thick and also non-toxic. This is somewhat pricey at first glance but it lasts a long time! Only a drop is needed. A special flat brush spreads it, and believe me, a little goes a long way. I tried Bare Mineral’s new liquid and found it thick and oily. It also seems to accentuate the crease on either side of my mouth. Ugh. Dior Forever!

Best Blush: Still looking.

Best Bronzer: Rimmel bronzing powder. Very inexpensive but floats on like a dream.

Best Lip Liner: Still looking for one with staying power.

Best Lipstick: Clinique Long Last Lipstick in Sugared Maple.
            This color seems to change with whatever I’m wearing. I love it.

Your turn! What is your very favorite product? Do you have suggestions for me for mascara, lip liner, and blush?  

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