Monday, February 23, 2015


by Kate Collins

The time change is coming! The time change is coming! Yipee!!

Now to set aside enough of that lovely daylight to reset all the clocks in my house, not to mention my watches, which, if laid end to end, could circle my wrist eight times.

I may have a slight timepiece addition. 

Don’t laugh. You might, too. Stop reading right now and go count the clocks in your house. See if yours match mine.

Beside the clocks on my wall oven, microwave, coffee maker, and four clock radios, I also have seven decorative clocks. That makes fourteen. Plus the watches and, well, you see what I mean about resetting clocks. But I still ove my timepieces.

The little mahogany one to the right sat on my husband’s desk at his law office for over thirty years. 

The starburst crystal Waterford clock he gave me as a gift one year. 

The chiming wall clock is the one and only prize I’ve ever won. 

The anniversary clock is self-explanatory and pretty old, and the others I just liked. Note the time in each one as I went from room to room taking photos.

Then there are my watches – some dressy, some playful, some practical, one that was my husband’s that I had the band changed to fit me, and all precious to me in some way.

I fear watches are going out of style, replaced by the ever-present cell phone. Ask someone the time and five times out of ten, s/he’ll check a cell phone. Maybe the solution is a product like the new Apple watch – phone AND watch. Or maybe it’ll just be the next addition to my collection.

How did you do? Are you a timepiece person like me or have you given up the watch in favor of the phone? 

Post a photo of your favorite clock or watch. I’d love to see them.


Gram said...

Only eight. The rest re-set automatically. Yes at least one of those is a watch! No cell phone here. The kids are grown and there is no need.

Amanda said...

My wristwatch I believe is my best friend. I would be really lost if I didn't have it. I have a cell phone. But, I never really think about using it and most of the time, I forget about it.

Diane said...

9 clocks in my 5 room apartment and 3 wristwatches. I never would think of looking at my cell phone for the time. Half the time it is in my handbag. If it rings it surprises me. I use the house phone but my son does text me once in a while. Usually I miss it because the phone is dead or in my handbag. I think cell phones are great for an emergency but that is about it. I love to sit in my rocker and talk on the cordless house phone. Yes, I still think some old fashioned ways are best. LOL

Karen in Ohio said...

The one that always bothered me was the clock in my car. But my new car has a satellite radio, and the clock automatically changes. The downside is that it is no longer ten minutes fast, so I can't fool myself into being on time any more.

I also bought atomic clocks for the bedrooms, and they also change automatically, and are super accurate. And show the phases of the moon, which is fun.

Kate Collins said...

Clearly I need to get those atomic clocks! It's a major project to reset all the clocks in the house -- and car!

Kate Collins said...

I'm with you, Amanda. I feel naked without my wristwatch. I wear it even when I'm in the house all day. It's just habit. My daughter and son just use their cell phones -- and I don't get it.

emilia m. said...

My Dad was always the one to take care of the clocks in our house. we had one old wall clock, and various alarm clocks. He loves watches too, and has a few :)
I love clocks but the ticking drives me nuts - when it is quiet in the house I can hear the ticking everywhere even though it was just one clock we had!
many electronic clocks -thermometer station has one, microwave, oven - that's kitchen only :D thermostat has one. DVD player has one. alarm clocks. but that is all electronic so it does not count. so - I love clocks, do not have one :D
wristwatches - love them, can't get used to wearing them though :D

Aurian said...

Lol Kate, I sense a new mystery series coming on, with a clock collector or restorer perhaps. Only 1 watch, and 1 alarmclock. But I do also use the clock on my computer, as I am almost always behind it.
I do have one wall clock as well, but it has been stopped years ago, as it makes way too much noise, ticking and making music like the Big Ben every 15 minutes. Stil, a house needs a clock, so it keeps hanging, and telling it is 10 o'clock forever.

Kate Collins said...

Love your clock story, Aurian. I understand about the noise. My pendulum clock has a "silent" mode, and after hearing it chime too many times, I clicked it on. But a ticking clock always reminds me of my grandmother's wind up clock that I'd hear as a child when I slept at her house. It brings back good memories!

Anonymous said...

I still wear a watch (only have one) and look at it automatically but do use the cell phone when I'm taking my walk before I shower so I can pace myself. I have a mantel clock which chimes the quarter hour. The chimes don't wake me if I'm taking a nap but wake me up at night. Very weird! Last fall I finally figured out how to change that one without driving myself crazy. Since you are only supposed to move the hands forward, I let the clock completely run down and stop and then rewound it when the correct time showed up. Cordella

Mary Jane Maffini said...

I love your collection, Kate. My fave is the crystal starburst. I had a Waterford crystal clock that didn't survive a move. So glad you have yours - esp because of its meaning.



Unknown said...

Yay! Another clock collector, lol! Growing up we always had clocks running all over the house. My favorite was the Dutch hanging grandfather clock my great-grandfather brought over from Holland. It had the loudest chime & would scare the heck out of my friends the first time they heard it, lol! Right now I've got about 12, including an OG clock; 3 Big Bens; an electric from the 40's, and an old Bulova pocket watch. The rest area all "modern" clocks, lol!

kayt18 said...

I have a dear friend that has about 50 clocks and they all chime - as dogs, horses, roosters, birds, etc(you get the idea). I try not to call her on the hour or half hour and sometimes not of the quarter hours either. She has gotten to the point now where she has her time, real time, daylight savings time. She just doesnt change them. So half of the year they are right and the other half she has to remember if she has an appointment. I love your collection, but do not envy you!

Unknown said...

My brother collects clocks, and around their house, it can take a day to reset all of them. Personally, I have a chiming clock in the family room and a pendulum clock in the living room that I got when I retired after 35 years working for the State. The retirement clock has had a dead battery for two years. I never get around to changing my chime clock when the seasons change, so part of the year I just add or subtract an hour to the chimes - it will be right again shortly. But my watch is a part of me. I only take it off if I'm going to be in water. But if I should forget to wear it, I am a basket case. I will stare at my wrist constantly. I have a cell phone, but I don't usually remember to look at it. I do use my cell phone as my alarm and I use it to see the time at night, because it has a light and the size is big enough that I can read it without putting on my glasses.

Kate Collins said...

Oh, that's awful, MJ! And it isn't easy to break Waterford crystal. They served wine in it on our flight to Ireland on Aere Lingus. (Aer? Air?) I was prettified my glass would break.

Kate Collins said...

That's a fantastic collection, Chrstine, especially that treasure from your grandfather!

Kate Collins said...

Oh, dear God! I can't imagine living with all that noise! I refuse to bring one more clock into my house. The batteries alone will break the bank. LOL

Kate Collins said...

If I forget my watch, i will stare at my wrist for a moment before it dawns on me that my watch isn't there. How sad is that? I do use my cell phone to SET my clocks, however, as I know the time is correct.

Vicki W. said...

I knew we had a lot because we usually end up spending time over 2 or 3 days changing everything. I guess I need to just make a list to use twice a year. There is only ONE room in the house that don't have a clock or device that tells time. - the laundry room. And there are two people who live in this house.

I gave up on watches because suddenly I started killing all my batteries. They would last one year before they died. But I have decided to just buy some really cheap watches from Goodwill to keep on my gardening bag or belt loop so I will know what time it is when I'm outside.

In the house - I use whatever time keeping device is nearest. When I'm out doing errands, etc, I use my cell phone or the clock in my Jeep. I also will use alarm clocks on my cell if I need to be somewhere for sure at a specific time.

The ones that change themselves: 5 computers & 1 atomic clock & 2 cell phones

# of cheapo watches - 3 (all have to be changed)

Cordless Handsets that have the time displayed - 4 (luckily they only have to have one change made)

Kitchen - 1 computer, microwave, stove, wall, and one that sits by the chair I sit and read in since I can't see the other 4 when I sit there.

Livingroom: 1 phone handset, 1 wall clock, 1 clock that tells time, humidity, etc, 1 electronic device (there could be more that I didn't see)

Husband's Bathroom - 1 phone handset

Husband's Dungeon - 1 computer, used to have a wall clock but I can't get in to see if it is still there. Who knows what else is in there..

Bedroom 1 - 2 sit by beds.. Used to be 3 but that atomic clock got where it wouldn't keep time. 1 phone handset.

Bedroom 2 - 1 sits by bed.

My Bathroom - 1

Basement room - 3 computers, 1 wall clock, 1 phone handset

Garage - 1 wall clock

So the grand total is 29 time telling devices. There are probably more since my husband has a weakness for the ones that tell time, temp, humidity and there are probably more stashed in places I don't know of....

Oh I forgot...I have one in my suitcase because I hate going places that don't have clocks....


Kate Collins said...

Wow, Vicki. You have me beat by far!! Good luck with the time change. :-)

Ramla Zareen said...


I came across this blog through Goodreads ...and before I write anything else I simply must mention that you are one of my favourite authors, and it's a great honour and pleasure to be able to communicate with you...! :-) I have even dedicated an entire post in my blog to you and your wonderful "Flower Shop Mystery Series", and often recommend your books to other readers as well :-)

Well, coming to this extremely interesting topic father is very keen on electronic gadgets of all kinds and so there are about fifteen to twenty clocks and watches of various types, some which even shows the temperature and other stuff, though few of them are quite old fashioned pieces too, my parents house, ...along with the countless wristwatches owned both by my mother and father...!

However, things are much simpler at our end. Only three clocks, and one of them adjusts automatically with the time change. I use the same wristwatch, that my husband gifted me at our wedding, for every occasion ...While my husband alternates between two...! As for my daughter, well, she is only 3 years old, but I have a feeling that she is going to be receiving a watch by her maternal grandfather (that is, my father...!), very soon...! Lolz :-)

Anyway, I enjoyed seeing the photos of your collection ...and will be sharing this link with my father as well...! :-)

Thanks a lot, for this lovely blog ...and for brightening my days with your talent and hardwork...! :-)

Ramla Zareen