Monday, February 23, 2015


by Kate Collins

The time change is coming! The time change is coming! Yipee!!

Now to set aside enough of that lovely daylight to reset all the clocks in my house, not to mention my watches, which, if laid end to end, could circle my wrist eight times.

I may have a slight timepiece addition. 

Don’t laugh. You might, too. Stop reading right now and go count the clocks in your house. See if yours match mine.

Beside the clocks on my wall oven, microwave, coffee maker, and four clock radios, I also have seven decorative clocks. That makes fourteen. Plus the watches and, well, you see what I mean about resetting clocks. But I still ove my timepieces.

The little mahogany one to the right sat on my husband’s desk at his law office for over thirty years. 

The starburst crystal Waterford clock he gave me as a gift one year. 

The chiming wall clock is the one and only prize I’ve ever won. 

The anniversary clock is self-explanatory and pretty old, and the others I just liked. Note the time in each one as I went from room to room taking photos.

Then there are my watches – some dressy, some playful, some practical, one that was my husband’s that I had the band changed to fit me, and all precious to me in some way.

I fear watches are going out of style, replaced by the ever-present cell phone. Ask someone the time and five times out of ten, s/he’ll check a cell phone. Maybe the solution is a product like the new Apple watch – phone AND watch. Or maybe it’ll just be the next addition to my collection.

How did you do? Are you a timepiece person like me or have you given up the watch in favor of the phone? 

Post a photo of your favorite clock or watch. I’d love to see them.

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