Thursday, February 12, 2015

Valentine’s Day's coming: but one size does not fit all!

The ancient Greeks had many words for love (reports vary as to how many words exactly - but I was taught there were seven.)  This week when the marketing world is drowning us in romantic love images and unrealistic ideals, I was glad to consider how many other forms love takes.  After all, love is so much more than dinner and roses – not that I object to either.

After all, love is good.  We love our families, our partners or spouses, God and our country, our pets, and our friends. We probably have fond feelings for our co-workers, fellow volunteers, our neighbors and small helpless critters here and there.  Some feel love for public figures, but that’s another blog.  

Here at the Chateau Maffini as we call our little ranch house,  we still think Valentine’s Day is fun,. For me, one of the big benefits is that we need a splash of red to brighten our days at this white and snowy time of year.

 As winter grinds on, we also like having something to celebrate.  We’ve been married for about a thousand years and no longer want to have second rate service at an overcrowded restaurant.  We’re not that keen on long-stemmed roses that only last a couple of days. But we do love each other and love this little holiday.  This year we bought each other snazzy new sleepwear to warm our spirits. It's cold up here!  Sexy, no. Cuddly, yes.  What do you think?  I’ve decided his dressing gown is very Lord Gratham. 

It goes without saying that there will be chocolate in our house on Feb 14.  And we’ll be finding people we love to share it with.


Our pink and red themed pooches approve of the holiday because they think there will be some heart-shaped dog biscuits to cheer them up. They’re really tired of being trapped indoors and WHERE ARE THOSE TREATS? 

As half of Victoria Abbott  I’ll be signing books in the am at our local chain with my long-time friend, Erika Chase. I love my friend and plan to bring her some chocolate! 

We’ll see the little kids in the family with Valentines too – gotta love the little heartbreakers when they give and receive Valentine’s cards.  This is always the most fun! 

Plus we’ll be celebrating over at The Cozy Chicks Group on Facebook from 2 -4 on Feb 14th with the rest of The Chicks because WE LOVE OUR PETS! There will be a great party with conversation, party favors, fun and a chance to spend time with our readers. You see, we love our readers too. If you’re on FB, hope to see you there.

My point is that there are many ways to have some fun and share some joy on this day – most of them don’t cost more than a hug. 

So, what about you? Do you do something romantic, silly or lovely for February 14th? Or is it just reading as usual?  Are there treats involved?

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