Friday, February 20, 2015

The Cozy Chicks Button Up Til Spring Fling!

No sooner have the Cozy Chicks finished our Cozy Chicks Love Pets campaign, when we're on the go with another fun even for our readers. A nd this one lasts an entire month.

Back in December, the Cozy Chicks gave eight of our loyal readers a Cozy Chicks button and asked them to spread the Cozy Chicks joy by taking pictures all across the country--and boy did they

What do we intend to do with these wonderful pictures?  Hold a caption contest on Facebook.  We'll be giving away Cozy Chicks swag and a grand prize at the end of the contest (to be determined).  What you have to do?  Check in on our Cozy Chicks pages and write funny (or sad, or witty--or whatever you like) comments.

Starting on Monday, where can these wonderful pictures be found?

Cozy Chicks Profile  |   Cozy Chicks Author Page   |   Cozy Chicks FB Group

Write as many captions as you want.  Comment on as many pictures as you want. The more you enter, the greater your chance to WIN!

Here's a sample:

Photo by Alison Marable

How would YOU caption this photo?
Lorraine's winners for the cat pins from the Cozy Chicks Love Pets event are:'
Linda Kuzminczuk, Karolyn Yoakum, Jeanie Whitmire Jackson, Lisa Hamilton, and Denise Neubauer.

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