Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree...or does it?

Dead Man Walker just came out yesterday. It’s the fourth book in the Consignment Shop mysteries and in this series there are three woman, Reagan, her mom Gloria and her Auntie KiKi.

Reagan’s mom is a judge, Auntie KiKi is a dance teacher and Reagan runs a consignment shop and is rehabbing her old Victorian. Reagan has good clothes sense and is a good dancer like KiKi. Judge Gloria can barley chew gum and walk at the same time and has terrible clothes sense. Fact is the family urged her to be a judge because the clothes choice was black and that’s it.

Today I told my daughter she was just like me, we both suck at learning languages and math. Give us a room to decorate and stand back...we’re all over it.

My oldest daughter is a cookie cutter image of her dad. Good at science and can put up chair rail and fix anything.

My son will jump in and tackle anything just like me and he has a knack for carpentry and designing things...just like his dad.

The Bush’s are Presidents, look how many actors have parents who also act, and look how many fathers and sons have the same business, pass down the family farm, take over the family business. My grandfather was an ace entrepreneur and my brother is just like him.

So what about your family? Anyone just like a parent or a grandparent? Have you ever looked at your kids and thought He’s just like uncle Willie? Have you ever wondered why you are good at something them find out a relative is really good at that too? 

How many apples have fallen close to your family tree? 
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