Thursday, February 5, 2015

Take the hot chocolate challenge!

By Mary Jane Maffini aka Victoria Abbott

Here’s the view from my front door today. 

And here’s the back. 

No sign of the sun.  My grill has had happier days, but even though the temperature has shot up to 15 degrees (or about minus 9 Celsius), the lid has frozen shut (yes we used layers of cardboard but …)

In the midst of this I have a deadly deadline, I’m on a plan to get rid of those extra winter pounds and my horoscope said ‘take a walk’.  

All I wanted was a treat!

I told my horoscope to ‘take a hike’ and made some hot chocolate instead.
Here’s how I did it:

2 tsp Splenda (or other sweetener)
4 tsp Dutch process cocoa (or whatever you have!)
1 cup 1 % milk  (feel free to substitute whatever you have)
½ tsp good quality vanilla (optional)
In a small saucepan, blend sweetener, cocoa and 1 tablespoon of the milk until it’s a smooth paste.

Add the rest of the milk, blend and heat through (better not to boil).

Remove from heat and add vanilla. 

I decided to use the immersion blender to get some froth and was very happy with all the results. 

Take that Mr. Winter. I feel better already.

My daughter decided she'll try this with Almond Breeze Vanilla. I'm waiting for that report!

I curled up on the sofa with my book collector mystery mug and enjoyed my lovely cocoa while watching the snow through my favorite orchid. It is managing to stay alive somehow. That lump you see on the far sofa is Lily the dachshund keeping warm under a blankie.

My next batch of hot chocolate will be in these pretty little cups that my favorite aunt hand-painted in the 1930’s.  They’ve been wanting to come out of the china cabinet for a while now and this will be worth it. 

But what about you? Do you have a winter-busting hot chocolate recipe? Diet or not diet, I’d like to hear it and any tips you have to pass along.  Take the hot chocolate challenge and let us know! Don't forget to tell us where you'll drink it.

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