Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Movie Time

by Maggie Sefton

This week I thought I'd wrap up the Movie Time segments right before I fly off for
the Northern Virginia, my hometown area, and enjoy my daughter Serena's Bridal Shower that I've arranged for family and friends who live in the area.  The Chef at the wonderful cafe/restaurant where we'll be holding the Shower luncheon and I have been discussing details and going over menu suggestions via email.  I'm really pleased with what we've come up with.  The food will be delicious and the entire event will be a whole lot of fun.  :)    Now----for the Movie Reviews----

BLACK HAT----I really, really enjoyed this film.  Of course,  as you folks have heard me say before, I love action adventure.  And this film defiintely delivered.  It's billed as an action thriller mystery because there are lots of international settings as the hero, who's a super computer internet genius who can figure out the most intricate of codes.  It seems a Super Hacker has compromised a nuclear dam, hacked the NY Stock Exchange and sent soybean prices soaring then drop, losing millions, and basically shown off for every national and international police force out there that he Super Hacker can outsmart them.  That's where the Hero comes in.  He has to figure out the clues Super Hacker leaves to taunt authorities.  Non-stop action and mentally engaging as well, especially if you like international espionage.

WILD----I really enjoyed this movie, too, and it was based on a real person's life and the woman's experience of hiking the Pacific Coast trail.  This movie was every bit as gripping as the international espionage movies because the character (played by Reese Witherspoon) was out there in the wilderness sleeping in the wild, having to keep the campfire going to keep the critters away, and meeting some real people along the way who posed genuine threats to a woman all by herself out there in the woods.  Plus, there were real physical challenges as well.  Really well done.  I recommend it highly.

TAKEN 3-----This is another great action thriller which is also the third---and final---episode in Liam Neesan's (sp?)  espionage movie where he's having to rescue either his daughter or his wife.  This time the rescue involves both, and also an intricate setup by the Villain who wants to protect his criminal activity.  Well, the CIA has to get involved because Liam swears he'll get to the bottom of this plot because it's threatening his family.  Again, non-stop thriller action that delivers.  I recommend it.

NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM----You have to love this wonderfully silly little storyline about all the museum stuffed and preserved animals and humans and creatures of all kinds coming alive at night and partying all over the museum.  It's a lot of fun and will make you laugh.  Plus, it's a chance to say "goodbye" to one of my favorite comic actors---Robin Williams.  Of course, there he is playing Teddy Roosevelt, sword in hand, yelling "Charge!" as he charges on horseback (or pretends to charge).  It's an endearing portrayal and reminds us all of why so many of us loved Robin Wiliams comic gifts and greatly miss him.  No one can take his place.


Rachelle21 said...

I loved the Night at the Museum movies. It was good to see mickey Rooney, also.

Maggie Sefton said...

Me, too, Rachelle21. I forgot that Mickey Rooney was one of the group of "old" guards. :)