Saturday, February 14, 2015


by Mary Kennedy                               
Everybody knows by now that the Cozy Chicks are big-time animal lovers. The adorable doxies pictured above belong to Mary Jane Maffini and below is a picture of Leann Sweeney's adorable little tuxedo kitten named Lynley.
 Since Valentine's Day is all about love, we decided it would be fun to honor our pets on this special day. So we're throwing a fun Valentine's Day bash from 2-4 today with prizes every fifteen minutes (yes, every fifteen minutes) plus loads of fun chats. Here's how to be part of the celebration.
Have you joined the Cozy Chicks Facebook Group?  Click this link and join ... and then you can join us today for our 2nd ever Cozy Chicks event, The Cozy Chicks Love Pets.  It's today from 2-4 pm.  We'll have prizes, virtual food, and lots of party favors. See you there? Please say yes! It won't be the same without you.  See you at 2:00 pm today!
Mary Kennedy
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