Monday, February 9, 2015


by Kate Collins

This is a photo of my new foyer chandelier. I call it my bubble light for obvious reasons. If you enlarge it, you’ll see that it has crystals in the bottom of each bubble that make it sparkle like soap bubbles floating in the sunshine.  It really lights up my foyer, which tends to be dark. (If you're curious, I bought it at 

You will also notice that there is a porthole window in the wall and two paintings that have circles in them. I seem to have a theme going here.

The reason I’m telling you about my bubble chandelier is that I happened to glance at it this morning and a thought occurred to me. If I had to describe my personality in two words, it would probably be bubble lite.

Not that I’m a bubble brain. (Oh, I can just hear my brother and sister snorting now.) I’m just a bubbly person. I love to laugh and I love to make others laugh. I like writing mysteries that are light, not dark and gory. My stories have serious themes in them (A ROOT AWAKENING is a prime example) but they will still make you smile and possibly shed a few happy tears. (I hope you get a chance to read my latest mystery which came out last Tuesday, Feb 3.)

There was a time four years ago when I never thought I’d laugh or even smile again, but eventually my true nature bubbled to the surface and I found reasons to be happy. Sometimes it was just from a cup of hot tea, a riveting book, and a cozy chair on a cold winter afternoon.

I particularly love to see the funny memes on Facebook as I’m having my morning coffee. They’re a great way to start the day. To keep my positive feelings alive, I shun the news before bed now in favor of my favorite sitcom reruns followed by reading something that won’t give me nightmares just before I fall asleep.

I kind of like thinking of myself as a Bubble Lite. If you could describe yourself in two words, what would they be?
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