Sunday, February 8, 2015

Bread Machine? Oh Yeah!

by Leann

I have used a bread machine for decades. The last one was very sturdy and very basic. When bread started sticking and not rising every other time, I decided it was time I treated myself to a new one. My have bread machines come a long way since the last one I bought.

There's another reason I decided I needed to make bread rather than buy it. I am allergic to barley and if you have ever read a bread label, you understand that is very hard to find something without barley or without preservatives. If my body is shouting its disdain for barley, I should pay attention.

What's nice about this new machine--a Panasonic--is that it has a "sandwich bread" option. That was the first recipe I tried and I was surprised that it worked
perfectly. Next up was pizza dough. I adore pizza. Love it. Could eat it every day. I made it Saturday night and it, too, was delicious. Publix has pizza dough to buy but barley is like the second ingredient. It's good, but I am tired of
paying the price in the form of either hives or a migraine. Forget frozen pizza. I've found one brand that has no barley, but it's cheaper to make my own. And it tastes better!

Who knew when my grandmother was baking bread every day--and sometimes selling it for 25 cents a loaf--that it would be so much easier to have homemade bread on a regular basis. Of course, others are grateful for their high tech life--and yes I love my computer--but the bread machine and my Crock-pot make things so much easier.

What about you? What's your favorite appliance aside from a coffee maker?

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