Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Boots, Sunsets, and Sleeping Puppies

by Maggie Sefton

Since Winter Storms Neptune and Octavia have dumped---and are still dumping---piles of snow over the Northeast, Midwest, and now many of our Southern states, I thought I would try to bring a smile with today's post and a few photos.  It will be a mixture of all sorts of things.  But, I won't even attempt to submit snow photos.  You folks have snow dumps that totally dwarf anything we've seen out here in Northern Colorado.    

To the Right  is "Boss"----Daughter Serena & fiance Jeff's new French Mastiff---sleeping 

First----Congratulations to Beverly Couzens Archer who is the winner in my random name drawing contest from the many Cozy Chicks fans and readers who participated in the Chicks' Valentine's Day Facebook Chat this past Saturday.  Since the theme was Cozy Chicks Love Pets, we all talked about our pets.  So, I decided to give a special gift to a participant.  I'm donating $50 to an Animal Rescue Shelter of the winner's choice.  So----Beverly Couzens Archer, please email me at maggie@maggiesefton.com  with the name and address (also a website would be great) of the Rescue Shelter of your choice.

Wedding Prep Update #3----Preparations for Serena's Bridal Shower luncheon back in Northern Virginia where we have lots of family and friends is coming along nicely.  The chef and I are working on menus.  Serena decided she'd like the guests to be able to move around freely, chat, and visit with each other while she's opening gifts----so she decided on appetizers and finger foods rather than a sit-down luncheon menu.  And---Mimosas, wines, and other refreshments, of course.  :)

You can see above left that I finally found a great pair of real Texas boots which are pretty but also
very comfortable.  I refuse to buy shoes or boots that are not absolutely comfortable as I walk around the store.  And believe me, I walk around a LOT.  

There's no such thing as "breaking in" shoes.  I learned long ago that the only things that  get broken in are your feet.   Years and years ago, I had foot surgery that repaired the damage I'd done back in my  youth by squeezing into pointy-toed shoes.  Once you have healthy and straight feet again, you do NOT mess them up.  And these all leather boots (snake skin, but not an endangered species) are totally comfortable.  PS----I found them at that great Western store chain Cavender's.

And we'll finish with a pretty sunset from last Saturday night-----

Stay warm and safe, Everyone!


Kate Collins said...

Everyone always says western boots are so comfy but they don't look it! What makes them so comfortable, Maggie? I've always hesitated to buy a pair. Great photos!

Mary Jane Maffini said...

I love the books, Maggie! And the puppy too. Happy wedding planning!



Anonymous said...

Love the sunset pic. Did you take it?
Is the puppy really the boss or is that just in his imagination?

Maggie Sefton said...

Thanks, Kate. The boots are comfortable because I made sure to try on several pair so I could make sure I got a size that was right. That way there's room enough so that toes aren't cramped or squeezed. That's why I walk and walk and walk some more in shoes and boots. If they aren't comfortable, they go back on the shelf. I don't care how cute or pretty they are. :)

Maggie Sefton said...

Thanks, MJ. :) It's a lot of fun. And a great winter diversion. Keep your fingers crossed that there's no winter storm when I fly Back East on Feb 27th.

Maggie Sefton said...

Anonymous---Yes, I took that pix with my older model iPhone 4s. Haven't upgraded yet. And right now, Big Pup is a puppy. And I think Sweet Dachsund Oscar will wind up bossing Boss around. :)

Aurian said...

Lovely pictures Maggie! And I agree, uncomfortable shoes never become comfortable. I just keep having blisters on my blisters. So I don't buy them anymore.
Have fun at the wedding and all the parties.

Maggie Sefton said...

Thanks, Aurian. I plan to. :)