Sunday, January 18, 2015

When Will I Stop Getting Lost?

by Leann

If you're on Facebook, you probably know that I adopted a darling kitten on Friday. His name is Lynley for DCI Thomas Lynley in Elizabeth George's series. It's a favorite and I have read every book more than once. Cutie pie, huh?

But this is about what happened after I was on my way home with my new little friend. I went to Greenville in South Carolina, about a 70-90 minute ride from Greenwood where we live. The animal shelter there is wonderful. But I am very unfamiliar with Greenville. I go to the doctor there and that's about it. And I had a doctor's appointment that day and went to the shelter afterward.

The place is on the north side of town and when the mountains of paperwork to "foster to adopt" were done, the crying cat and I were on the way home. Or so I thought.  I programmed the GPS for home. In my defense, the sun was very bright and my GPS screen was impossible to see for most of the trip. So I listened to the
lady tell me where to turn. After all, she'd gotten me from the doctor to the shelter without a hitch, even though it was a circuitous route.

So when the machine led me in a different direction (though still west, which was right) I trusted that darn thing. But when I saw a sign for Clemson University, I began to get nervous. Surely this new route didn't take me through the north part of South Carolina! Finally, I pulled over after traveling at least twenty miles, maybe more. I put on the sunglasses and took a good look at the road we were on and it was very unfamiliar. So I decided to reprogram the thing. Maybe there was a glitch--and I had NO IDEA where I was.

And that's when I learned that there are two streets with the same name that include my house number, but in different towns--towns very far apart. My heart sank. Somehow, when I'd tapped "previous destinations" the street in the OTHER town was programmed in and that's the one I chose. How did THAT happen? I have no idea. But the biggest shock was when the GPS "recalculated" and I learned I was 66 miles from home--farther away from home than when I'd started
out at 8 AM in the morning. Yup. I was lost. To say the rural roads in South Carolina are all very much alike is an understatement. I now believe they all look EXACTLY the same.

Needless to say, I made it home with a very sleepy, sweet kitten. My next challenge is to figure out how to delete that wrong address from my GPS. Ever had anything like that happen to you? Or are you far smarter than me?
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