Monday, January 19, 2015


It’s over today, our annual sibling get-together/getaway, and I think I speak for all three of us, my sister, my brother, and me, when I say, Phooey!  It went by too fast.

We’ve done this sibling reunion ever since our mother passed on nine years ago. On our first trip we headed south to my other hometown, Key West, as a way of honoring Mom, who was a strong believer in “family first.” That trip turned out to be such a rewarding and relaxing experience that we decided to do it every year, and we’ve stuck to that goal. There were just a few years when my sister wasn’t able to make it because of some family issues, so she was joyous that she could rejoin us this year.

These photos are of my sister and brother and my sister and me ready for a trip out on the Glass Bottom Boat, headed to the third largest coral reef in the world.

What makes it fun is that we all love getting away from a harsh winter and into the sun, exploring the wonderful island cuisine, taking in a local play, and walking or biking everywhere – no cars involved. What makes it interesting is that we have individual tastes and preferences in what we like to do and eat and yet we manage to make it work because our similarities, especially our wacky senses of humor, outweigh any differences. We can, and do, always find something to laugh about.

We tried a few new restaurants this year, some featured on the TV show, Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, (we weren’t disappointed) and we returned to our favorites – El Meson de Pepe, Blue Heaven, Santiagos, and Mangoes.  The photo of the “Mile High Key Lime Pie” was taken at Blue Heaven. It’s one of their specialties. We watched sunsets from the famous Mallory Square and saw the Key West Cat Man and his infamous rescue cats perform. I’ve included those photo, too. (The lady in the foreground is a stranger.)

And I had to add a photo of the latest addition to my Key West friends, a young iguana who perches on the beautiful bougainvillea just beyond my deck railing. 

I know this kind of togetherness won’t work with every family, but I highly recommend giving it a whirl. What a great bonding time it is. Bring old photo albums to share and a deck of cards in case of rain. Be prepared to compromise and then just enjoy your time together. Life is short. Make the best of it.

Have you ever taken a trip like this or would you like to? Would it work for your family? Where would you go?

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