Sunday, January 4, 2015

Remember The Rent House From Hell?

By Leann

I never thought anything could beat the Rent House from Hell where we lived for two years while our house was being built. But our stay at a certain Econolodge in Atlanta came pretty darn close. All I can say is, thank goodness it was only for one night.

I have to start this little story by stating my husband is always looking for the "best deal," while I will forgo the "deal" for comfort most of the time. I've never stayed at the Ritz. I like a bargain as much as the next person and I have never been extravagant. I'm just talking about a nice, clean motel room like, say, the kind the Hampton Inns offer. But the guy I live with always complains about the price (mostly because he is stuck in the 70s and never really prices things like motel rooms) and is always complaining when I book the room.

This time, I decided to do it his way. We had to drive to Atlanta (3 hours), spend the night and park the car at this motel. There are plenty of options like that in Atlanta since people come from small towns to travel. I chose the cheapest one. The total price for 9 days of parking and an overnight stay was $85 (tax included!).

Here' what we got for that money: no phone in the room, we had to pay a deposit for ONE key, no glasses or cups, a 19" old TV without a working remote, a filthy bedspread, a heating system that had two temps--hotter than all get out or freezing--a sink that took 15 minutes to drain and a room that had been painted orange and burgundy in the 60s. The bedspread was discarded as far from us as possible but there was no blanket on the bed or in the room, so we both slept in our clothes on top of the sheets.

I won't even go into the "rules" that were posted in the motel office. When they are
charging a full night's price for four hours or less and have to post it ... well, you understand who stays in motels for that amount of time. YUCK.

Our only saving grace was the shuttle driver. He didn't run every 30 minutes as advertised on the website, but he came right away when I called. He was friendly and kind. I was lucky enough to get his personal cell number to call him when we returned and that helped out a lady who had been waiting for an hour at the airport for the same shuttle we needed. She was trying
to talk to the man at the front desk and was getting nowhere. She was grateful. When we both wondered if our cars would still be there when we arrived to pick them up, the shuttle driver assured us they would. See, that guy was also the night shift security guard. THANK GOODNESS! I like happy endings. Our car was fine and started right up. We couldn't get out of there fast enough! And I do believe there will be no complaints the next time I book a motel room.
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